Five Tools That Can Prevent The Theft of Business Information Online

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Can you imagine running a business without the internet? Think of all the amazing things you have at your fingertips thanks to the internet– easy access to information, effective communication, indispensable business applications; we can go on and on.

However, our reliance on the internet can have equally devastating consequences. Despite all the luxury we enjoy, using the internet also means constant exposure to different cyber threats including the theft of sensitive business information. Now imagine losing your business because of the internet?

It has, therefore, become pertinent to always ensure the safety of your business data online. Discover some exciting tools that can help you rest easier while facilitating essential business operations via the web.

Virtual Private Network(VPN)

Do you know that every time you browse the internet without a VPN on a public network, you are at risk of losing sensitive information to the prying eyes of cybercriminals? With the right tools, a sniffer can monitor all your internet activities on an unsecured network connection and may gain access to personal information like passwords, bank details, documents etc.

A Virtual private network allows you to communicate over public and unsecured networks in a private manner. A VPN acts like a secure tunnel that protects the traffic between your device and the VPN servers, preventing transmitted information from being intercepted by hackers and snoopers.

Also, with a VPN, the information you send and receive on the internet is encrypted, so even if a hacker intercepts it, all they see is the encoded data. It is therefore necessary that your business network is secured with a VPN and provisions should be made for employees who use their own devices to carry out business operations via a VPN too.

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Network Firewall

Have you ever wondered about the purpose of a network firewall? I will tell you why it is a must-have for every business.

Information transmitted via the internet is susceptible to attack — cybercriminals can spoof your IP address and intercept traffic, sending back false data and commands in the process. A firewall monitors and controls access to one or more computers by verifying the authenticity of incoming and outgoing traffic.

A firewall acts like a gate with a security guard that monitors your computer network and stops all the bad guys from getting in. It can protect your computer from unauthorized users and other malicious software like worms, Trojan horses, and viruses.

However, always take steps to ensure that your firewall is configured correctly, implemented and maintained by an expert, else you are probably better off without one. You don’t want to run business operations online with a false sense of security.


In addition to a firewall, it is also wise to use Antivirus programs as a second line of defense against cyber attacks. These software programs are designed to spot viruses and other malicious programs that can cause data loss plus other awful consequences and get rid of them before they can cause any harm.

Many antivirus programs today are loaded with other exciting features and offer different services at different prices. Make sure to choose a trusted program that is just right for your business needs.

Data Encryption Services

Data encryption is another valuable measure that can help maintain the confidentiality of stored data as well as information transmitted across the internet. When data is encrypted, it is scrambled or translated into another form so that only people that have access to a secret key can access it.

Now, is an excellent time to start encrypting those email messages and sensitive data in your cloud storage if you aren’t already. Thankfully, there are some powerful third party encryption services including free ones that can protect your files, emails and even phone conversations.

Microsoft’s BitLocker and Apple’s FileVault are also strong inbuilt encryption that comes with the recent versions of Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.

Wondering how to get started with encrypting your business data? You probably want to sit down and think about which information you regard as sensitive first.

Enterprise Password Manager

Regardless of other measures, you may employ to protect the data privacy of your business; a good first step is to make sure that all passwords are kept safe.

One good way to achieve this is to ensure that employees can comply with specified password rules and at the same time, remember and use their passwords effortlessly. You don’t want them scribbling down passwords that may end in the wrong hands.

Today there are a host of secure enterprise password managers that can come to the rescue including LastPass, Dashlane, and KeePass. This software acts as a vault that stores and organize login credentials and allow for their secure retrieval and management when required. Instead of dealing with multiple passwords, all that is needed is a single secure key to your password vault.

Also, Password managers typically provide added layer of security and other useful features such as password encryption, password sync across all connected device, random password generation, two-factor authentications etc. Simply weigh your options and choose one that meets your business needs.

Don’t Settle For One

A data breach can happen to any business regardless of its size, and you don’t want to be found wanting if some cybercriminal labels you as their next target. While all the tools stated above will go a long way to preserve the privacy of your data online, no single one is foolproof.

Cybercriminals have found ways to circumvent some of these security measures. The wise thing then is to employ a variety of these tools to stand a high chance of withstanding cyber-attacks. Currently, there are also several complete internet security suites that offer robust protection.

Also, ensure that all employees understand every aspect of internet security– a simple mistake on their part can ruin all your efforts. And don’t forget to keep that security software up-to-date at all times and include BYOD devices in your security plans too.

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