5 Best Drupal Web Hosting Companies

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5 Best Drupal Web Hosting Companies
Web hosting services vary widely in terms of quality, speed, and search engine optimization. These general factors are especially important to review in the lens of your chosen Content Management System, as even a well-configured web server could be less than optimal for specific CMSs. Web hosts are now realizing the importance of CMS-specific optimization and increased advertising to Drupal website owners as the CMS grows in popularity. Read on to see why these 5 Drupal web hosting companies will help you outcompete and shine on the web.

1. Bluehost

Bluehost is a featured partner of Drupal and has special pricing for Drupal users. You can host your own Drupal website with Bluehost for as little as $3.00 per month if using the one-click installation on a shared server. Bluehost optimizes shared servers for Drupal to ensure your website loads quickly and is seen favorably by Google and other web indexes.

Bluehost subscribers will appreciate the Drupal-friendly PHP settings, MOJO 1-click installation option, and SEO-configured server settings provided by the Drupal hosting company. To top it off, Bluehost donates hosting fees to the development of Drupal to help maintain a healthy CMS for the Drupal community. 

2. 1&1

1&1 is a leading web host among all CMS users but has a special program for fans of Drupal. This Drupal hosting provider offers shared and managed servers that are pre-configured and optimized for the Drupal CMS. You can also rest easy knowing 1&1 has unlimited hosting and bandwidth plans, meaning you’ll virtually never run out of space or have your site locked for resource usage.

Another great reason to try 1&1 is the cutting-edge hardware they run. All websites hosted with 1&1 are placed on Smart Solid State Drives (SSDs) with quick access times and hybrid energy-saving servers with low latency. This host makes a great choice for running any kind of Drupal website or blog.

3. Platform.sh

One of the most unique features of Platform.sh is that they offer a free trial. This provides a great opportunity to measure your results live on the web before settling into a long-term hosting contract. Platform.sh is a Drupal-centric web host with a highly trained Drupal support team. This host offers dynamic scaling plans so if your website traffic suddenly grows you don’t have to worry about your new visitors getting unexpected errors.

Platform.sh is one of the leading cloud hosting providers for Drupal websites. This web host offers Drush installation so you can easily add modules and make other changes to your Drupal sites with just one line of syntax. This is a great choice if you want a reasonably priced solution for your Drupal website hosting and like to save time when installing Drupal add-ons and modules.

4. Pantheon

Pantheon is one of just three official Premium Supports of the Drupal project. This web host prides itself on super fast load times, which can shave seconds off your website’s server-to-browser display time. Pantheon also offers pre-installed instances of Drush, and a cache configuration module that will make your Drupal 8 websites easier to optimize.

This web host is perfect for true Drupal supporters and those looking for an easy way to make the most of the Drupal CMS. Pantheon started as a Drupal development team so you can be assured they know and support the CMS from the ground up. If you may find yourself needing tech support for your own Drupal website then this provider could be the best choice in Drupal hosting for you.

5. Acquia

Acquia is a leading Drupal host with many noteworthy features and benefits. While this host may not be a household name, they are currently home to over 11,000 websites and have devices in over 100 locations, globally. Acquia uses cloud hosting technologies which are optimized for the Drupal CMS. You can run web apps, mobile apps, and other platforms from the dynamic cloud hosting servers at Acquia.

Acquia has self-service cloud hosting accounts where you can easily configure your own virtual servers as well as enterprise accounts for larger companies looking for a more managed service. This web hosting company has a large knowledge base and collection of support documentation which can be handy if you run into issues after-hours. Acquia is a significant supporter of the Drupal development community and donates a portion of their proceeds back to Drupal.

It’s more important than ever to choose a web host that offers CMS-optimized services. This is due to the changing nature of CMS development and web protocols. For the best speed, support, and SEO benefits you should consider sticking with one of these top 5 Drupal hosts for any website you’ll be building with Drupal. Special Drupal-focused features like the inclusion of Drush and one-click installers make these hosts an obvious choice for your next Drupal website or blog.

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