5 Productive Mobile Testing Tools For Every Developer

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Best Mobile Testing Tools For Every Developer

In a bid to ensure adequate consistency, usability and functionality of application software developed for handheld mobile devices, mobile app developers most perform proper mobile application testing at all times. This can either be done manually or automatically.

In the past few years, there has been quite a phenomenal growth in the mobile industry. Mobile device usage has witnessed a skyrocketing increase and mobile app downloads have in recent times, getting well into the gazillions. Focusing on areas where software and hardware need to be tested in unison, there is obviously need for application testing.

While eliminating various forms of repetition experienced during the development process, these mobile app testing tools basically help to combine the man and the machine. Generally, they are designed to automatically create reports and provide summarized info on the work performed. However, most of these testing tools are capable of speeding up the work itself. The typically allow a paper trail to determine what has been done, establish what needs to be done and ascertain the next big thing to prioritize.

Importance Of Mobile Application Testing Tools

Like identifying the besetting needs of an enterprise, the need for application testing tools cannot be overemphasized in the app development world. Apart from helping to determine areas of improvement in the development process, these functional tools help developers assess the level of pain caused by these undesirable issues.

Whether in a native mobile, mobile browser or web browser app, there are several reasons why testing tools should be utilized which must commence at the user interface (UI) level. Sometimes, a small set of check runs must need be created so frequently which can even be performed hourly. There several capabilities that application testing can provide, such as checking for the performance and failure of any major path and getting the team informed.

As a matter of fact, a major bug can be found and even fixed that very same day, as this generally helps to tighten the feedback cycle. With these tests in place, the number of efforts spent on routine checks by testers can be effectively reduced to the barest minimum. Interestingly, mobile application testing also helps to instill confidence on the part of the programmers. It also goes a long way in helping to minimize the cost of a test cycle without having to undergo those long years of automation work.

There are often more combinations of screen sizes, hardware platform, operating system versions and operating systems than any tester will ever have time to handle with mobile app testing. Some of the pain can be significantly minimized with these testing tools. It may interest you to know that you can efficiently consolidate multiple real or emulated devices fairly quickly by simply running a single test.

When an app breaks down too often, it is an obvious sign of the need of a systematic unit test. These are very small, technical tests that can be put in place even at the code level. Programmers often discover a different problem once the automated checks are running at the GUI level. In fact, defects can be prevented from escaping to the build when a unit test suite is run by programmers before check-in. This is usually the case when testing is performed just below the UI at the API level.

Mobile App Testing Tools

In order to improve test coverage, support CI, and streamline their work effectively, many Indian app developers are already taking advantage of more capable testing frameworks. Apart from helping testers improve app quality, these efficient tools are enabling developers to churn out more cool apps than ever before.

Generally, app developers can obtain feedbacks, analytics, crash reports and lots more when they use these app testing tools. Basically, they need to ensure that their app performs effectively well and that there are little or no issues at all to be experienced on release. there are several testing tools out there that can help report problems and at the same time invite users to provide relevant feedback.


In a bid to report bugs and distribute new builds effectively, Ubertesters present a comprehensive testing solution that helps to present developers with a wide range of tools for these purposes. Some specific builds for testing can even be enabled and disabled with this tool. Both free and premium plans are offered here. Alongside with 2 projects, the free plan provides programmers with 100MB of storage. At the moment, it supports both Android and iOS apps. Preparations are ongoing to make way for windows in the near future.

Interestingly, programmers can hire external hands to exist in testing apps on a range of mobile devices. The tool features a range of exciting features including messaging, team management, distribution of beta versions and updates, analysis of bug reports via platform OS and status, as well as its integration with external bug tracking systems.


HockeyApp is currently being owned by Microsoft. App developers India can use testing tool to effectively distribute beta versions of Windows Phone, Android, and iOS applications. Although this tool does not offer any free plan, it can, however, be tried for 1 month. With HockeyApp you can create up to 5 apps with prices starting at $10 monthly. For all its plans, HockeyApp accommodates an unlimited number of testers and developers and also offers unlimited storage.

Google Play Native App Beta Testing

Most Android developers are already used to the Google Developer console. This native app beta testing tool can be accessed from a personal Google account. Rather than operating with a personal account, Google recommends organizations to register a new account. The Google Play Developer Publishing API was released in July 2014. In order to efficiently optimize search results and engagement, this tool features both website verification and deep-linking, as well as enhanced revenue statistics.


For application developers, TestFairy offers certain exciting features that enhance efficient testing. Its client-side video recording is one of the most prominent features of the tool. This efficient testing tool can provide video recordings of the real test from the client side. This includes crash reports, network monitoring, GPS, memory, CPU, and more. Beta testers can be invited through a native app, a web-based test app or by email.


Not until its recent adoption by Apple, TestFlight had been an awesome tool for Android developers. However, its usage has now been restricted to iOS application developers alone. This free app testing tool has proven to be very productive in helping iOS 8 developers test their apps. Over 1000 external testers or users can be invited to this tool via email.

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