What is jQuery? Why Is It So Popular?

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What is jQuery? Why Is It So Popular?

If you love to script, then Java Language must be something you fancy a lot. There are probably many reasons you can give for this and I am pretty sure JQuery is something you are quite familiar with if not used to. The big question however is, what does it mean, to perhaps a starting programmer who wants to learn more about the internet of things, browsers, what keeps websites looking great and more?

Everyone will certainly agree that JavaScript is arguably the most popular language among programmers in the world today. But it doesn’t stand alone. There is a host of things that are outstanding whenever JS is brought forward for discussion, and which every developer should get to understand deeply beyond just knowing. 

jQuery being among the Java libraries is one of them and depending on ease of use and among other things as will be explored later on in this post, App and Website developers tend to choose one over another to suit experience with front-end products they desire to give users.

The Basics: It’s all about JavaScript

There is a range of programming languages each of which is built with either improvement over exciting ones or something uniquely different. C+++ is the latest but even then, JS remains a raw language for programming which IT developers have used over the years and still find hugely useful in web browsers development. Technically, it allows for asynchronous communication to clients through syntax language where one can, for instance, get to script in HTML with more ease and flexibility. It’s arguably the simplest language of programming one can learn. However, it takes proper training on certain skills in order to use it effectively.

When JQuery changed everything

Talk of Prototype and MooTools Libraries which came around earlier. But when jQuery saw the light of day into a world of programming that was already changing sometime back on 26th August 2006, it changed everything. In other words, JQuery quickly revolutionized into something many hadn’t foreseen. Today, it is hugely popular. There are statistics to back this as pertains to how it has been used over the years since its release. The graph below illustrates this. The yellow Line represents a steady interest among JS developers with regard to Angular and React.

What jQuery does

If not through programming class discussions and forums, then you must have read about JQuery and its functionalities. What is most obvious, and which any developer will tell you is that jQuery is the most concise and fastest when it comes to event handling, animation, traversing of HTML documents, in executing Ajax requests and interactions. This is not all. A host of other reasons is particularly definitive as to why it is an excellent option for own written library and a top choice if you were to say choose between it and other libraries such as MooTools.

Reasons why JQuery is hugely popular

Below, I take you through some compelling reasons to prove soaring popularity of jQuery.

It has unlimited tutorials

One need professionally designed and easy to learn tutorials to script in Java and jQuery makes this possible. With a host of plugins to make it fun for end users regardless of whether one is a novice, you are just a step away from designing a webpage. As a result, there isn’t any need to tons of books to get start with syntax language. What’s more? Well, you can check whether codes contain mistakes by simply using troubleshooting debugging tools embedded in the library plugins.

No cross-platform/browser issues

There isn’t anything like incompatibility with jQuery as was the case in earlier library versions where issues with Firefox were often reported. In other words, this JS library has completely eliminated such problems as difficulties when coding for any web browser. No hassles with a higher rate of efficiency regardless of whether you are coding for Mozilla, Chrome or Opera.

Developed with simplicity

Novice programmers love something they can learn fast, something pretty simple to say the least. This is where jQuery takes it’s all. Well, this JS library is not just developed to extend APIs. It’s been built for greater user experience. And the user of the library, or developer was certainly in mind when doing so. You get a lot more delighted when you use this library as compared to others and reason is; it’s simplistic nature

Fast and Light

With much of what used to be in common functions removed from the main library and relegated to jQuery plugins, bandwidth is reduced to minimum possible of just around 24kB. As a consequence, developers find it a lot easier to handle and with speed.

Quick learning and coding

Well, you will be glad to start coding something within half an hour after getting started with JS using jQuery. Actually, it is what happens most of the times. It is well-packaged for easy access to necessary coding tools and documents to get you started. In other words, the learning curve is shortened with this library when compared to others such as Prototype.

Lots of plugins at your disposal

Since core features are relegated from the core library, it means there is a host of plugins in jQuery. In simple terms, plugins have helped expand the library and making it even easier to create more. Interestingly, most of these plugins are reusable in other projects supported by the same library. You can also be able to share the same with other programmers because they are not only downloadable but also add a feature of extensive functionality to jQuery. From the onset, you there get access to a repository of plugins even as you create new ones.

Great User interface

This is neatly done. The library is atop the jQuery and add-ons like sliders, date pickers, dialogue boxes and more are ready for use on the go. The controls are easy to configure and not complicated, which means you can create more add-ons with ease and quickly.

In conclusion, jQuery was made with the not just the end user of its products in mind but also that novice developer who wants to learn to programme fast and with ease. It’s also the perfect choice for experienced developers who want to expand their realms of their coding.

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