Why You Need to Enhance Your Site’s DA Rather Than Your PA

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Why You Need to Enhance Your Site’s DA rather Than Your PA

As a new comer in the SEO world, it is obvious that you just don’t know which one between DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) is more essential. To better understand how best you can improve your site’s rankings, you must, first of all, know the role played by each one of them. As such, we have some great information here at and the only thing you need is visiting us to get things clearly explained to you.

As it were, both DA and PA are great measures when it comes to the effectiveness of a website; however, they aren’t the only quantifiers. Let’s us consider where you are going to publish and link your post in the long run. For instance, if you are trying to guest post, chances are that your post is going to appear on the homepage for either a week or more and later get into archives thereby compelling you to search deeply into the inner pages of your site as well as observing how authoritative that particular page is.

In this case, if your site exhibits a page authority that is higher than its domain authority, that is actually not a good sign.

What Is Page Authority and Domain Authority?

We have create a playlist of exclusive tutorials about Page authority and domain authority.

In the actual sense, having a site with a higher domain authority as compared to its page authority is better as it indicates a site that has been in operation for some time. If you want to find out the number of times Google has revisited your site, check for the latest caching by Google. In most cases, popular sites have a higher domain authority compared to their page authority. Often, sites such as Yelp tend to prioritize businesses with PA of 1, but with a so strong DA making it outdo pages with a higher PA.

To be more precise, PA only help to raise the ranking of a particular page, while a higher DA takes with it the entire pages of your site thereby allowing diversity in SEO; hence, more traffic for various keyword sets. The most important thing to note is that every page should represent a totally different subject and in this case, if you are using your homepage as the main target keyword element while having a higher PA and a low DA, chances are that your site is going to be rated for that single term leaving your entire interior pages low-rated.

Conversely, if your site has a higher DA, chances are that it will be highly-rated for each particular page for various keyphrases. In order to achieve this, you will need linking up several pages from your website. For example, if you are doing guest blogging, avoid focusing on your front page alone, but incorporate some links to your interior pages for relevant topics as well. More so and although many will try to argue regarding this; however, if you are advertising on AdWords, you can easily deliver a range of keywords to a variety of pages.

As such, a site tends to gain it ranking when most of its traffic comes from the interior pages. This can be argued in averse that when Google sees most of your visitors coming from your site’s front page may at times negatively affect your DA.

Bottom line: the ranking of your site is the most important thing and while it is vital to consider both PA and DA, we at do believe that you should focus most on improving your DA in the stead of PA. The reason why you need to do this is that DA is considered a huge and enduring investment with a higher ability and reduces the risk of stuffing all your eggs (authority) in single carrier.

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