What Is Movavi Screen Capture?

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Movavi Screen Capture

Have you heard about screen capture software and what it is capable of doing? Essentially it is a type of software that will let you record practically anything and everything that is on the screen of your PC.

Needless to say that makes it extremely useful to say the least. When you are able to record video footage from your screen you will be able to not only create video guides or tutorials, but also capture online video streams, save Skype calls, and much more. In a nutshell if it is on your screen, you can record and save it.

While that may interest you, odds are you may be a little bit worried that you have little or no idea where to begin. If so then the best thing to do is to grab Movavi Screen Capture and give it a try. Based on its name it should be obvious that it is a screen recorder – but the manner in which it goes about it makes it unique.

Intuitive Approach To Screen Recording

The best word to describe the unique nature of Movavi Screen Capture is ‘intuitive’. It is designed to be so user-friendly that you don’t need any prior experience in recording videos to put it to use.

In part that intuitiveness is down to its clean user interface. As soon as you launch Movavi Screen Capture you will be greeted by a simple interface that lets you quite easily find any feature that you require.

Naturally that will make it much easier to start recording your screen. While you should be able to figure out how to operate Movavi Screen Capture in a couple of minutes at most, it really just takes a few simple steps to begin recording:

  • Define the area that you want to record by resizing and positioning the capture frame or using one of the presets in the dropdown menu to do so.
  • Set the audio source to either record the ‘System Audio’ or ‘Microphone’ (or some other device) by clicking on the icons to select them with a green tick.
  • Click ‘REC’ to start recording.
  • Click ‘Stop’ when the recording is done.
  • Click ‘Save’ to save the video and choose a format or use the presets in Movavi Screen Capture to automatically assign the ideal video format and settings for a particular device or platform.

As you can clearly see there is nothing complicated about it. The presets in Movavi Screen Capture even make it possible for you to save your video in the best possible format for any device or platform without having to know a thing about video formats to begin with.

Additionally Movavi Screen Capture also has several features to help make it more convenient to manage the recording process. With the timer that comes with it you can automatically halt the recording after a certain duration, and the hotkeys will let you control the recording process without having to click and risking the cursor getting in the way.

Fully Customize And Control The Recording Parameters

As much as Movavi Screen Capture stands out due to how easy it is to use and its intuitive approach – it does not skimp when it comes to the features that it provides. In fact the software will let you completely customize and define each and every one of the recording parameters.

Previously it was mentioned that you can set the capture region as well as the audio source – which will already give you a lot of control. Whether you choose to record part of the screen or the entire screen is entirely up to you, and the presets that you can select are nothing less than comprehensive. Similarly the ability to select the audio source will let you not only record the system audio or audio from a microphone, but also potentially from MIDI or other devices.

On top of that you can also set the frame rate to up to 60 frames per second. When you increase the frame rate in Movavi Screen Capture Studio it will help to make the playback of the video much smoother and less choppy. Of course there may be times that you want to decrease the frame rate – so that the file size of the video is smaller.
Another unique feature in Movavi Screen Capture is its ability to record both keyboard and mouse actions. It will let you display keys that are pressed on screen – so that they are visible and can be recorded. Also you will be able to highlight the mouse cursor so that it is more obvious, and also set up a custom ‘click’ sound that is more noticeable than the default one.

While you’re recording you can even snap screenshots with a single click. That can come in handy, particularly if you want to create a preview image of the video that you’re recording – or save something on the screen to complement the video itself.

Below is a YouTube video tutorial demonstrating how you can use Movavi to capture screen in few easy steps.

All in all, you shouldn’t have any problem starting to use Movavi Screen Capture. Even after you are done recording it will make saving the video straightforward with the hundreds of presets that are included to help you automatically set up the ideal video format and settings for any device or platform. Considering how easy the software makes it to record your screen, why not give it a go and try it out so you can see for yourself what it can do.

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