Hacking vs Cyber Security – Who Is The Winner?

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Essay: Problems of Hacking and Cyber Security from Internet

The Internet is the source of information and the most popular means of international communication. It will not be a mistake to claim that the Internet is the greatest invention of the 20th century whereas it has connected people from all over the world. The Internet consists of numerous servers that contain enormous quantities of data about everything in the world. One can find texts, films, music and all possible documents devoted to any subject you can imagine. Moreover, you can communicate with anyone from any part of Earth with the help of social networking websites and other applications.

Therefore, the Internet broadens our horizons and enables us to learn more about the surrounding world. However, alongside with numerous advantages, the Internet has many disadvantages. Some negative sides are harmful to users. Let us focus on the problems of cyber security and hacking that reduce the quality of the Internet and threaten the safety of its users.

The Internet is not only the means of communication and entertainment. It is also the storage of the most notable information in the fields of business, economy, armed forces and technology. Nowadays everyone has his personal banking account. He can operate, control and manipulate his money with the help of the online banking apps. Without question, hackers and other criminals who are looking for the easy money cannot struggle with the temptation of breaking the online accounts and stealing money from them. It is very difficult to find the stolen wealth after this procedure. The majority of hackers remain undetected. 

In fact, it is quite difficult to break such accounts that is why the system of online banking still exists. The experts are working hard to improve the security systems from the illegal access of the third people. The problems of hacking and cyber security are extremely dynamic. Every day new security systems are invented and improved. In simple words, hackers should work hard as well to learn and master these new systems instantly.

What is Cyber Security?

The problem of cyber security is vital for the military and economic security of every country. The department of armed forces of every country stores information in the Internet. Its projects, concepts and considerable documents are located on the specific servers. When the government of one country wants to cause harm to another country, it hires hackers and spies who cause harm to the military security systems of the chosen state. The information about its projects and innovations is stolen and becomes transparent. 

No wonder, this transparency and stealth reduces the safety of every country. What is more, hackers can detect the location of the secret military objects and weapons. No wonder, every state spends much money on the cyber security of its armed forces annually. We can use the term ‘cyber-warfare’ in the context of this competition.

Cyber security is of vital importance for business. Everybody knows that companies store the projects of their new products on their servers. Rival companies are able to break their security systems and learn about these projects. Consequently, they break the rules of fair competition in business.

What Is Hacking?

Of course, it is impossible to say that all hackers are severe criminals. There are several types of hackers whose actions cannot be called very harmful. For example, there are hackers who make simple viruses for fun. These programs interfere with the work of the computer but they do not spoil it. These hackers work for non-malicious reasons. Then, there are hackers who try to break the chosen cyber security systems in order to check their reliability. 

Solid companies hire a team of their own professional hackers who maintain the quality of the company’s cyber security. One can define a special type of hackers who work for money without causing harm to the target system. They surf the web and look for the defects and holes in the security systems of various websites. When they find something of this kind, they offer their help in the correction of this defect. Doubtless, this assistance costs money.

Is it possible to defend your system from the attacks of hackers? You should understand that everyone can become the target of a hacker’s attack. Sometimes, ‘newbie’ hackers train their skills breaking social networking accounts. They create special malware that can steal your account. There are also more complicated programs that can break banking accounts. Thus, it is important to brainstorm complex passwords and avoid clicking on the suspicious links sent by the unknown users.

So Who Is The Winner?

Of course, professional hackers can break the most complicated passwords but such professionals work for big corporations who pay much money for such services. The prominent IT corporations work hard to prepare anti-malware programs that can save users from the attacks of hackers. However, this cyber-warfare seems to be eternal nowadays.

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