10 Best Mac Antivirus Software [UPDATED 2021]

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As the internet technology has constantly seen a growth in its scope and capacity, we have also seen lots of new threats arising. These threats are not something physical, but virtual. As always, just like any scientific or information technology, there is a bad and a good side, the internet technology has also seen some of the best and the worst angles of it.

Good angles and picture are immense, from a reliable information to bringing the world right onto your desktop and connecting with your friends as well as so many other benefits. While the bad side of the internet technology is all the theft, exploitation, frauds and malware viruses that people come across daily, there are lots of different options and security measures that can be taken in order to avoid such hazards of the internet.

Talking about all the hazards of the internet, one frequently appearing problem is the viruses or a malware program which gets installed through various random or even regular websites that a user visits.

Your computer is always constantly storing the temporary internet files to make your website work faster and improve the loading time, this means there are constant updates going on in the backend of the system. Within this cache file and program, you also tend to often receive files which can put a lot of hazards into your computer and even make it completely shut down. Yes, the viruses from the internet can be such that your system can suddenly and completely go down.
Some basic viruses can leave signs like very slow browsing or computer experience, frequent crashes of software or inability to use the internet properly.

All these signs are a typical result of a bad malware getting the access to your computer. This is the reason viruses are always believed to be dangerous and must always be avoided. Now there are two ways to avoid viruses and surf very safely, means only going to sites which are purely free from any such content, but if you keep those settings, you will not be able to experience the complete internet as there are malware files everywhere or the second way is to install an anti-virus software for your MAC.
The job of an antivirus software is to predict and detect any files currently stored or trying to gain access to your computer and instantly delete them. Today’s guest post blog is going to talk about the 10 best antivirus software programs for your MAC.

BitDefender Antivirus Plus

BitDefender is one of those programs which is widely used in MAC to detect malware and Trojan like viruses. It is one of the most effective tools when combating malware files trying to get into your Windows directory. The best and unique aspect of this antivirus program is, even though it is a very heavy software, but it does not slow your computer down at all.

Kaspersky Antivirus

Kaspersky is one of the most popular names in the antivirus category. You can trust Kaspersky any day, whether it’s MAC or Windows. The best part about this antivirus software is its unique speed and detection rate with which it amazingly detects all viruses, including Trojans and keep your computer completely clean and safe.

McAfee Antivirus program

If you are looking for a complete antivirus solution including a set of customizable features completely adapting to your internet browsing habits, then McAfee is the name you should really go for. Known for its antivirus innovation, it is one of the earliest detection programs which later on became a necessity for every computer if it wanted to keep a safe internet browsing and usage. It still stands as one of the most famous antivirus brands for Mac.

Norton Antivirus

You might think that Norton antivirus program is a thing of the past now, but no, it actually is still very much present and kicking.The antivirus program offers a specialized internet security system and you can reliably surf the internet with this beast, keeping an eye on all small and big viruses trying to impact your computer performance.

Trend Micro Antivirus

Trend Micro Antivirus program is your new generation antivirus protection. Based on the cloud computing system, it updates itself in real time, adjusting to your website and internet surfing habits as well as new internet viruses. It can detect and alert you of any incoming threats to your system within a few seconds and can also keep a strong security for your computer.

Avira Antivirus Pro

Avira Antivirus system is again modern and new generation antivirus software for your MAC. This antivirus makes no mistake in detecting threats in real time. Its speed and accuracy is what makes it one of the most widely trusted antivirus software of the industry. Avira also provides suggested alternative website if it feels the current website can be harmful for your computer.

Bull Guard Antivirus

Bull Guard Antivirus software might not be very popular initially since its inception, but its recent certification from ICSA labs has prompted for its success. It has now come under the radar of the most used and trusted antivirus programs for MAC. The antivirus software has no rocket science behind it, as it comes with a basic interface layout with everything right there for you. It can be easily customized according to your computer usage.

EScan Antivirus

eScan is one of the fastest and automated antivirus programs you can come across. It has a self sustaining auto fight back mechanism for all kinds of malware and Trojan type viruses. The software also has a unique function and capacity to protect you from viruses which are transferred via emails and links.

Avast Antivirus

Avast might not be the modern day antivirus software that you will get in the market. However, it is known to do the job efficiently and easily. It is a basic software with good enough capacity to detect and clean out viruses. The only drawback of Avast is that the real-time detection and update is slow compared to other paid programs.


Last year, Sophos won the best antivirus in the category award, but recent hiccups and crash problems which are now pretty much resolved have made Sophos lose a bit of its market.

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