3 Best online OCR Converters Used to Convert Picture Data Into Text

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3 Best online OCR converters used to convert picture data into text

Are you looking for a tool that will help you to get text from images? Do you feel it hard to manually write the text by checking into images?

If yes, you are at the right place to read a comprehensive guide about this technology. In the upcoming sections, we are going to show you how you can get a text from any scanned image or an image of a handwritten document image.

Also, we will discuss the technology through which any tool will do this task just for the sake of your understanding. Keep reading and you will get enough basic knowledge about this topic by the end of this blog.

Additionally, you will get the list of best tools that we have found in our research.

What is OCR?

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a specific technology with which a tool or program will extract the text from any image. By using this technology, you can convert text from any static image into an editable document.

This technology is considered the best one because of error-free conversion. All the tools that can convert text from the image or into any other format are using OCR technology.

In this way, it has become one of the most productive technologies for students, data entry operators, teachers, researchers, and many other office-related workers.

How do OCR Tools Extract the Text From Images?

The question comes how a tool will extract text from an image using OCR technology. It is important to know if you want to answer this technology in detail.

Actually, the tool is based on two main technologies that are AI and OCR. Whenever you will insert an image, the algorithm of the tool will use both of these to do this simple task.

First of all, it will identify the text from the image using AI and optical technology. Once it has scanned the document, the tool will compare every letter or character with its database.

From there, the words that it has found the best fit will be shown on your screen in the document format. You can easily copy that text or download it for later use.

Every OCR tool has its own database with thousands of entries including symbols, letters, and characters. Therefore, it is almost impossible to get the text with some mistakes or irregular words.

Best Online OCR Converters

There are several converters available on the internet based on OCR technology. You can use any of those tools to extract the text from the images.

Many tools will also enable you to change the image format instead of text extraction. It all depends on your work requirements and which tool you want to use. In the following section, we have enlisted the 3 best OCR tools by using which you will be able to get a text from any image.

On the top of our list, we have that is considered the best tool in this regard. The reason behind being the best in efficiency and fast processing.

Using this tool, you can extract text from as many images as you want and get them into an editable format. The tool will not restrict your usage even if you are using it for hundred times.

You only need to insert the image by uploading it from the drive or device internal storage. For your ease, this tool also enables the drag & drop of any image. In this way, you can drag any image from any source and get the text into an editable format.

Another input method the image is directly inserting the link of that image by copying it from the internet. When you have input the image, you can simply click on the Submit button.

This will instruct the tool to use OCR technology to identify the text and show it in the document format. In the end, you will be shown the text in a box just below the image insertion box.

You can either click on the Copy to Clipboard button or the Save as Document. By using any of them, you can get that content from the image and use it wherever you want.

You will find this tool amazing and useful in all dimensions. It will enable you to extract the text from images without any irritation like ads display, login requirements, and others.

When it comes to using the best tool to extract text from images, then you should definitely give a try to By using this tool, you will be able to get the text within a few seconds.

This converter only demands an extra step while inserting the images. You have to first upload the image using the given button. After this, you have to confirm the insertion to let the tool start extraction.

With this tool, you can fetch text from any image because of secured working. It means that the tool will not save your data in its database or share it with someone.

You can fearlessly use this tool to get text even from sensitive documents. Also, you will find extra options to deal with the extracted text.

On your screen, you will get three different buttons to save that text and use it wherever you want. Also, you can start over the process if you have multiple images to get the text like from the assignment.

The entire process will be quick and enable you to get the text within a few seconds. Also, you will not find any process to log in to this tool for following the above process.

This tool is free to use for unlimited conversions. It means that you will not have to subscribe to their paid plans for getting the text for multiple images.

In short, this tool will be the best for you when looking to fetch data from any image without making mistakes.

Sometimes, you might not be looking to extract text from the images written in the English language. It happens a lot at this time on the internet because you might be receiving images in any other language.

Therefore, you might feel any of the OCR tools are inappropriate. In such conditions, you will find this tool efficient and trustworthy for converting the text.

You only need to select the language from the given section before or after the image insertion. After this, you won’t be asked to do anything but click on the Convert Now button.

The tool will extract the text and show it in the same language. We have found the only problem with this tool is the unavailability of functions.

You can only copy the text by clicking on the given button given under the text box. The amazing feature of this tool is the wider part to show the preview of the text.

In this way, you can easily get a look at what the text is and check if the tool has extracted it properly or not.

Final Say

Whether you have a single image to get the text or multiple ones, you can simply use any of the above tools. There will be no issue in this conversion unless you have not done the right way to do this task.

We have enlisted these tools after checking multiple tools. You can fearlessly use any of them without having any issues like inappropriate extraction and mistakes.

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