Most Successful eCommerce Solution Companies in 2021

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Most Successful eCommerce Solution Companies in 2021

eCommerce businesses are an important contributor to the world economy. A decade ago, their development required businesses to hire a full-fledged team of developers who had to build everything from scratch, consuming a lot of time and resources. During the development time, market trends changed and the final end-product appeared outdated in comparison to new trends. Modern eCommerce solutions accurately resolve this problem.

What are eCommerce Solutions?

eCommerce solutions are ready-made software with all essential features required to start an online business. One solution does not fit all and may require some customizations to accommodate your business demands. However, all eCommerce solutions are aimed at assisting entrepreneurs in launching an eCommerce business or streamline existing offline business operations via digitization.

Below is How eCommerce Solutions Help Entrepreneurs

Increase Online Reach

Reach is a very important aspect when conducting online operations. It basically means how many people you connect to and deliver your content on the internet. With eCommerce solutions, not only you can launch feature-packed websites but also share meaningful content on social media platforms for business promotions. With thoughtful branding, owners can make their business more memorable than their competitors’.

Provide AI-Enhanced Customer Experience

With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), eCommerce solutions can personalize product recommendations for every customer. This leads to more engagement and conversion. Moreover, AI also assists in providing a better voice search experience with the help of natural language processing (NLP), which interprets voice and sends intelligent replies. Lastly, AI is useful in creating efficient chatbots for customer support and analyzing sales data.

Streamline Operations

eCommerce solutions automate a majority of operations that were otherwise performed manually and consumed a lot of resources. Some of these operations are invoicing, importing product catalogs, sending inventory refill reminders, sending product notification reminders, labeling products out-of-stock and the most valuable, i.e., preparing daily sales reports. With automation, eCommerce solutions are able to reduce a lot of management troubles for the business owner.

Assist in Marketing

Several eCommerce solutions come with in-built marketing options, such as PPC campaigns management and affiliate management. They also have tools for SEO optimization and social media marketing. Furthermore, third-party integrations like Mailchimp and Buffer assist owners in controlling all the marketing efforts from a single control panel, which is usually the dashboard of the eCommerce site.

List of Best eCommerce Solution Providers

In this blog, we will go through the most renowned and successful eCommerce solution provider companies and understand why they are so popular. This will help you make an accurate and reliable selection:

#1: FATbit Technologies

FATbit Technologies was founded in the year 2004 and has earned an immense reputation for its contributions to the eCommerce industry. Its eCommerce solutions have been featured in The Entrepreneur, Inc., Business Insider, The Telegraph, and Forbes. Moreover, FATbit was awarded as one of the World’s Top 100 software development companies by Clutch in 2021. Back in the year 2019, it was named under the World’s Top 1000 B2B companies by the same critic, and since then it has recorded a lot of progress.

What does FATbit do?

To assist entrepreneurs, FATbit launched a wide range of eCommerce solutions that pretty much cover any online business idea you can think of. Be it cab booking, food delivery, online tutoring, home-services marketplace, products marketplace, or just plain eCommerce store, FATbit has got the eCommerce solution for all these business ideas.

Along with the products to launch typical eCommerce stores, FATbit has prepared solutions to resolve industry-specific problems. For example, its rental marketplace software Yo! Rent comes with a special booking calendar and document verification modules to specifically support online rental operations. Yo! Yummy, a food delivery solution comes with a separate mobile app for delivery staff management.

Along with eCommerce development, FATbit also provides ecommerce website development, digital marketing, and business consulting services.

  • Top Clients: UniDiamonds, Superlivery, GearFlow, WeYakYak!, HCL, Excursions Dubai
  • Hourly Rate: $25-$40

#2: ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft is a US-based IT software development company established in 1989. It holds immense expertise in fields like ERP, eCommerce, data analytics, and information security. In the year 2020, it became a certified AWS partner for cloud computing services. Just like FATbit, ScienceSoft was also on Clutch’s list of the World’s Top 1000 B2B companies. To ensure high productivity and quality end-products to its clients, ScienceSoft focuses on quality assurance and performance optimization strategies.

What Does ScienceSoft Do?

Renowned in the IT industry for the past 30 years, ScienceSoft has experience in developing all sorts of software solutions. However, it currently excels in providing eCommerce, IT consulting, cybersecurity, and infrastructure services. It also provides efficient management support to all its clients. ScienceSoft’s eCommerce solutions range from B2B, B2C, food commerce, and online marketplaces and it entered the eCommerce industry in 2002.

  • Top Clients: AnyDesk, eBay, PeekaBoo, TruMethods
  • Hourly Rate: $50

#3: Brainvire Infotech

Brainvire Infotech deals in custom software development for various purposes. It was launched in the year 2000 and since then has served several clients globally. Brainvire assists entrepreneurs in launching new businesses and has adept professionals for developing mobile apps and web apps based on various technologies.

What Does Brainvire Infotech Do?

Brainvire Infotech services range from eCommerce development to mobile development, custom web development, cloud solutions, enterprise solutions, and digital marketing. Apart from this Brainvire also works on Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR technologies, and IoT.

  • Top Clients: BrianGavin, Prestige Equipment, HealthyPlanet, Larson
  • Hourly Rate: $25

#4: MSG Infosys

MSG Infosys was established in the year 2015, but being a part of one of the world’s largest IT hubs, it was able to gain quick recognition in the eCommerce industry. With affordable web development and digital marketing packages, MSG Infosys is an ideal choice for startup companies.

What does MSG Infosys do?

With expertise in PHP and Python programming, MSG Infosys helps business owners with their web and mobile app development needs. It also provides various service packages at affordable rates. Some of its other offerings include online reputation management, Pay-Per-Click, and search engine optimization packages.

  • Top Clients: LMTI, Cross Road Motors, Distinctiveautos
  • Hourly Rate: NA

#5: IPIX Technologies

IPIX Technologies is an IT software vendor founded in 2007. From software development to brand advising and marketing, IPIX Technologies offers these services to help entrepreneurs launch a startup. It has also earned several titles from Clutch, GoodFirms, and Capterra.

What Does IPIX Technologies Offer?

From eCommerce solutions to learning management systems and CRMs, IPIX deals in all such software. It also provides entrepreneurial risk management and compliance management solutions.

  • Top Clients: Kreston Menon, Foxdray, Gadget, NextHop
  • Hourly Rate: $20


If you need a reliable eCommerce solution, it is wise to get it from the people who expertise in developing them. However, some factors, such as proper guidance, consulting, and customer support are equally important. Based on your budget and business requirements, you can check out any of the aforementioned companies. Proper interaction with their sales team will provide you deeper insights into their strengths and expertise.

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