Five Cool New Features in Microsoft 365 for Business

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Five Cool New Features in Microsoft 365 for Business

Microsoft 365 is the new name for several Office 365 products. The Microsoft 365 Business Standard subscription includes the well-known Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Teams with mobile and desktop apps, Exchange services, and OneDrive. Recently, it has been improved with new features that will help you run your business even more conveniently. The cost of Microsoft 365 remains the same even with new features. So, let’s review the below five updates.

1. Synchronizing Personal and Work Calendars

Combining business and personal life can be difficult. A new feature in Outlook will help with it. Now the service allows you to link a business calendar with a personal one so that colleagues and partners can check your availability even after work. At the same time, they will not see what you are doing during your personal hours. Besides, this feature will allow you to manage all your tasks in one app. Meanwhile, if you want to transfer from another mailing utility to Outlook, there is a cool tool for importing Thunderbird into Outlook without delays.

One of the significant aspects of the Together Mode in Microsoft Teams is its management through the Teams Admin Center. The Teams Admin Center provides comprehensive controls for system administrators to customize the user experience, monitor and troubleshoot connection issues, and ensure a secure environment for these digitally unified conferences. The interface enables administrators to control who can participate in a meeting and what they can share, enhancing the security and fluidity of the collaborative process. Thus, the Teams Admin Center and Together Mode work hand in hand to bridge the gap of remote work while maintaining a robust security protocol.

2. Together Mode in Microsoft Teams

This is a new Teams interface that allows conference participants to feel closer to each other. It uses the power of AI and puts everyone in the video call into one digital environment. This creates the feeling that the conference is taking place in a single space. In an era of isolation and remote work, the ability to see colleagues and feel like a part of a team helps to stay on the same page.

3. Microsoft Editor

A new AI-powered service helps you write easy-to-read and literate text. The Editor finds spelling and punctuation errors in Word and its web versions. This function is already available to many users. You can also install the editor as a plug-in for the Edge or Chrome browsers to check texts on any site. The advanced features of the service are for Microsoft 365 subscribers only. For example, you can analyze the style of the text and get recommendations for improving it.

4. Media Content and Templates of the Library

Microsoft 365 subscribers get a generous supply of quality assets to create beautiful documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Among them are 8,000 pictures, as well as 2,800 icons and 300 new fonts. These materials can already be used in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Five Cool New Features in Microsoft 365 for Business

5. Dynamic Array Formulas in Excel

The feature greatly facilitates actions with formulas and makes it easier to process data arrays. Previously, you could refer to a single value in an Excel cell, but you had to wrap the info in a formula to use a range of data. Now, in one Excel cell, you can refer to the desired date range and perform the necessary actions with the entire range.


Microsoft continues to update and improve its products, making them more functional and useful. Which of the above-listed features have you tried? Share with us in the comments.

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