Tools and Strategies for Twitter Marketing

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Tools and Strategies for Twitter Marketing

The age of social media is changing the marketing world. Organizations used to be able to advertise their brand through billboards and commercials. Now, social media has made it so people have to actively work for a following. One example of such social media is Twitter.

Twitters users engage their followers by posting pictures, writing witty statements, and promoting their product or brand online. Twitter is one of the earliest forms of social media, as well as one of the most popular. For a brand to go big, they need to develop tools and strategies for marketing on Twitter.

Gain a Follower Base

Brands cannot share their message without an active following. One of the first steps in marketing online is to gain actual followers. These followers can be found or organically, or they can buy real Twitter followers. The act of growing a follower account again is tiring. These strategies will help Twitter users find their audience.

Buy Real Followers

People can influence and power on social media because they have an abundance of fans. Buying a large chunk of followers will attract others to that Twitter page. The simple act of being popular gives people a high influence on others, thus making them more popular. This is called the bandwagon syndrome. When others see a person’s rise follower count rise, they want to jump “on the bandwagon” and follow, too. The first step people can take in building their brand online is to buy Twitter followers. More info can be found on the Socialboss site.

Post Frequently

Buying followers is pointless without content. Build a voice and a brand and use it to post fun memes, pictures, and ideas on the page. Followers will come when they feel compelled by the tweets and information. Someone cannot simply buy followers on Twitter, they have to convince their followers that their brand and content is worth the follow. Great ideas for attracting more followers, are:

  • Giveaways
  • Questions/ Polls
  • Big News
  • Quotes

These are a few ideas that bode well for company Twitter pages. More marketing ideas for gaining a bigger follower base can be found here.

Use the Twitter Voice

Different forms of social media have different voices. Instagram is for trendy travel pictures and beautiful photography. Tik tok is the place for humor, dancing, and quick tips. Facebook is great for connecting with family and friends. 

Twitter, however, is the place for talking about life and posting memes. It’s a light-hearted form of social media. People use Twitter to talk about a break from life. The tone of voice a Twitter page uses should match that of the people who use it most.

Follow the Trends

Twitter has a trending section that helps users see what everyone is talking about. No matter if the world is gushing over the Bachelor finale or talking about the presidential election, the trending topics will let everyone know. Use these trending topics to market a product, deal, or company news.

Use Hashtags

Another popular aspect of Twitter is the hashtag. A hashtag is something that connects viewers to the same ideas they know and love. Some of the most popular hashtags on Twitter are:

  • #followback
  • #funny
  • #photography
  • #love
  • #friends
  • #photooftheday
  • #picoftheday

Those who already have a high follower count are more likely to spread their message far and wide with popular hashtags. When people use these hashtags, a well-followed account’s tweets are the first they’ll see.

Learn Meme Culture

Popular memes come in the form of phrases and pictures. Meme culture is highly prevalent on Twitter. People become consumed with funny captioned photos and imitating each other on Twitter. Companies and people that come up with popular memes related to their brand get a higher engagement rate. Twitter is a place for people to unwind. When they see a company Twitter doing the same, they see their business as personable and friendly.

Engage with Followers

Speaking of engagement rates, Twitter users should try to connect with their followers. People can buy Twitter followers cheap, but unless they interact with them, they are wasting money. Some businesses even partake in feuds, where they insult each other to get a rise out of followers; many of these feuds often make news. Twitter and social media are so much more than commercials. They allow businesses to personally talk to customers about their feedback.

Using engagement as a tool on Twitter will help draw more followers to a page, and more customers to a business.

Keep Learning

Technology and social media are ever changing. Businesses need to tune in to social media news, and market their Twitter to change with the times, and not get left in the dust. It’s okay to admit that big corporations don’t know everything. Everyone is learning with social media as they go.

The big takeaway from this guide is that companies need followers to thrive online. They can follow every other strategy in this list, but until they gain a quality following, their efforts will be thwarted. Followers can be found by following the trends and posting. They can even buy real Twitter followers. It’s a social media world now to keep up. Businesses should do whatever it takes to keep up.

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