How to Boost Your E-commerce Sales Using Facebook

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How to Boost Your E-commerce Sales Using Facebook

With the number of daily active users on Facebook, it would be stupid to not consider putting more money into this platform as an e-commerce business owner. The bigger your presence, the easier it will be to attract more customers to your store. Also, it is worth mentioning that marketing on Facebook does not require some special skills. 

You can learn pretty much everything about it in a day or two. After, you will have to put your brain to practical use and apply what you have learned. Here are some tips to help you understand what you will be dealing with, and what you can expect as returns from your investments.

Set Your Profile

Even though your point is to increase sales, a professionally-looking profile will play an important role. Visitors will not bother to give you their time if you show your incompetence here. Logo and a cover are given, but some neglect to fill the information on the business part of the page. Make sure all the blanks are filled.

How to Boost Your E-commerce Sales Using Facebook

The attention span of an average person is not something you can regard highly these days. It takes a few seconds to get distracted. No business will function if they cannot get the people to at least look at what they have to say. While most posts will have a text in them, nothing works as good as images. The higher the quality, the better. Though it is worth mentioning that going all-in with images is a bad idea. Variety in content matters a lot, and there will be more on that later.


Every post should have a meaning. Don’t leave your fans hanging in the air and trying to figure out what the purpose of the post is. Ask them to share, like, try, subscribe, leave a comment, and so on. Encourage them in a way that they would want to participate.

Contests and Giveaways

Nothing increases engagement as much as contests. Even those who have not heard about your page before will join all the fun thanks to the word of mouth. As long as you are willing to offer people something for free, they will be more than happy to jump in and participate. If you have been using Facebook, you should be aware of various giveaways that ask you to share, like, comment, tag another person. Such a post has unlimited potential in terms of its reach.

Facebook Stories

Something that has been introduced quite recently. It would seem that a regular newsfeed of Facebook is not in the best place at the moment. Stories, on the other hand, are gaining more popularity. Something simple yet informative at the same time is bound to be attractive. Finally, this feature is the perfect example of an outside-the-box content, and it helps you become more intimate with your followers. If you feel like learning more about it, there is a Facebook stories guide at Oberlo website. Be sure to read that one.

Figure the Best Time to Post

How to Boost Your E-commerce Sales Using Facebook

Even if a post is interesting, it is still possible that it will not get enough attention because of the time it was posted. Facebook has a lot of weird algorithms, and it takes time to figure out how they work. See whether your engagement rate is better when you post on evenings, and what the difference between weekdays and weekends are.

Promote on Other Channels

Relying on Facebook’s natural growth would be naive at the very least. That is why it is important to promote yourself using other sources. Social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, etc. will not cost anything. Reddit and Quora sites are another great ideas because these two receive quite a lot of traffic every day.

Trial and Error

Growing a Facebook page with the intent to sell is no different than any other internet venture. It is more than likely that there will be struggles at first, but that is only natural. As long as you are willing to test and learn from your mistakes, it means that you are ready to grow and achieve the goal.

The bigger your Facebook page is, the more sales you can expect to make. And the fanbase will increase if you follow these tips. It will take time before things start to pick up, but you should be able to get there eventually.

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