How To Hire a Java Developer

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How to Hire a Java Developer

Java is one of the oldest computer languages. It was created nearly 20 years ago, bringing a revolution in object-oriented programming. It was a step ahead of the other popular languages of that era such as C and C++. Thanks to the power of Java virtual machine, it introduced the concept of ‘write once, run everywhere’ in the programming industry.

Even today, Java is used to develop web applications, sophisticated mobile and desktop apps and so much more. But the secret behind a successful application is a skilled Java developer. But mastering Java is not that easy. It has an extensive library of commands and other nuances that can leave the average developer in a state of confusion. Those who have mastered the language can be an irreplaceable member of your team and enhance your organization’s performance.

If you are looking to recruit a Java developer for your organization, keep reading to learn more about tips and tricks that help you hire the best Java talent in town.

1- Look For Qualification

A person skilled in their field of work will most probably have a degree related to it. So, while hiring a Java developer, look for a person who has the pertinent qualifications such as Certified Professional Java EE Web Component Developer.

2- Formulate An Interview Plan

Because Java has been around for a while, many people have dabbed their hands in it. But mentioning Java on their resumes does not make one a pro. Create a plan that focuses on a screening system, which enables you to identify the true Java experts.

Sit down with your HR team and prepare an effective hiring process. Develop a series of interviews, both technical and non-technical. Design it in such a way that your candidate is not overwhelmed.
An optimized interview process will help you stay away from a failed hire.

3- Hire Slowly

The second step towards building a great team is to hire slowly. Hire the best A-level Java developers you can find so that you lay the foundation of a strong team.

If you find a good Java developer, hire them on a contract. After completing the evaluation period, ask for a unanimous vote from all your team members and let it be the deciding factor.

4- Reach Out To The Right Candidate Yourself

If you want to increase your chances of finding the perfect candidate for your job, then reach out to them yourselves. Look around for platforms where Java developers come together. It could be an online forum or an upcoming conference or Meetup. Conferences such as JavaOne are a great way to source fresh Java developers.

Similarly, if you have contacts in the local universities, put them to good use. Browse through the computer science department to hunt potential candidates. You can also talk to the professors and ask them to recommend their top students. Try to post for a job opening on the university’s platform. While young students may lack experience, they make up for it by being passionate and quick learners.

5- Go For Talent, Not Longevity

If you have hired the right talent, be prepared to see them moving on to better things and fresher grounds. The best Java developers are most likely to form their own companies.

This is why it is best to be mentally prepared that they are with you for a limited period of time. So, get as much out them as you can in the limited time you have, while continuing to hire fresh blood so that they can learn from the pros. Newcomb rightly says, “I’ve always said I’d rather rent gold than buy silver,” who is now working successfully on his sixth startup.”

6- Look For Team Players

The basic reason you should look for team players and not ‘rock stars’ is that they fail to gel in with the other team members. A good Java developer should not only follow good coding practices but should also be a good cultural fit. Whenever you hire a new developer, score them based on their skills and also how well they fit in with the rest of the team. You don’t want to land up with someone who has a big ego or an unfathomable attitude. It’s all about working together.


Even today, the importance of Java developers has not faded. The right person will not only have exceptional skills but will also have the perfect attitude to the mobile app, website, and CMS platform development. This is especially important for brands and retail giants who would want to use the best e-commerce CMS platform and boost their sales.

We hope this guide will help you in hiring the best talent in the pool of Java developers out there.

Have you hired a Java developer for your team? Which steps helped you short-list the best candidates? Share your strategies with us in the comments below and help fellow Java developer seekers too.

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