eGift Cards vs Gift Cards

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 eGift Cards vs Gift Cards

Want to know the difference between eGift Cards and Gift Cards?

You are here because you want to grow your business.

We are here to tell you to sell eGift Cards because plastic gift cards will be a nightmare.

This makes selling eGift Cards a dream; which it has truly been for millions of local businesses.

I once witnessed tears of joy roll down the face of a local business owner because eGift Cards saved her business.

One day I checked my mail to see a personal thank you letter from Hawaii. It read “Thank you so much! My wife and I owe you the world.”

They were able to retire early because they sold eGift cards.

A new niche-based business bought our entire office pizza because we helped them launch their local start up.

eGift Cards have been proven to work like a dream.

Now let’s compare them to plastic gift cards.

1. Make More Money

Make More Money using gift cards

You must pay upfront with plastic gift cards because they are physical goods.

You are also limited to the amount you can sell.

There is $0.00 upfront cost when it comes to selling eGift Cards.

Plus being that their digital there is no limit to the amount you can sell.

2. Sell 24/7/365

Sell 24/7/365 using eGift cards

If you could make passive income with little to no effort would you say yes or no?

Of course, you will say yes. Who says no to more money?

Sell electronic gift cards anytime directly from your website!

With plastic gift cards you can only sell them when your store is open. This means every hour your business is closed to the public you are losing money.

You may say hey I can sell gift cards anytime on my website. They just must be delivered in the mail.

This brings up our next point!

3. Free Delivery

Free Delivery of eGift cards

It is free to deliver virtual gift cards via e-mail. A bonus is they will receive their eGift Card instantly!

It cost money to deliver physical gift cards in the mail. That’s a chunk of your profits lost.

Your customers won’t be as happy because it will take days and not seconds to be delivered.

Customers love instant gratification. It makes the buyers mind happy. This will result in smiling customers buying more from your business!

There are also other delivery benefits eGift Cards that will save you time and money from mailing out plastic cards.

4. Convenience

Convenience of eGift Cards

eGift Cards are delivered safely through e-mail 100% of the time.

It can be risky to mail out gift cards. Regular gift cards can easily get lost, damaged, stolen or delayed in the mail.

If you sell anything online, you do not like this and you know why.

For those who don’t, let us tell you.

Your customers will be angry at you.

If it doesn’t come on time they will cancel their order.

We know you don’t own UPS, FedEx or a delivery company, but your customers will blame you for any delivery complications.

This is not good for your businesses brand health.

Most importantly this is taking money right out of your pockets.

We also didn’t mention your time dealing with these angry customers. Time is money, and lost time could have been won selling eGift Cards.

5. Create & Sell

Create & Sell eGift cards
At some point for both eGift Cards and the plastic ones you must create to some degree.

Once they are created the question is what will sell first?

The eGift Card or the boring old plastic gift card?

You already know the answer.

For those who choose the latter you will be watching your competitors make money right away. While staring at their mail box for weeks before they can make a dime.

6. Customization & Promotion

Customization & Promotion on eGift cards

It is customary practice to give your gift card a theme. Whether it’s for the holidays or to announce a special event or for a specific product/service.

Let’s say you just realized a popular holiday was coming up that would sell tons of gift cards?

Plastic gift cards are no help because by the time they arrive the holiday will be over.

It will also cost you extra to have them printed and shipped.

With eGift Cards you can customize and sell them right away!

Your business will be able to create amazing promotions anytime at no additional cost!

7. Pure Innovation

 Pure Innovation with eGift cards

We have good news if you sell eGift Cards and sad news if you sell plastic gift cards.

Hasn’t this been the theme of the entire article?

If you laughed at that, thank you for still reading.

This means you are serious about making more money for your business.

Keep reading because very soon you will!

With plastic gift cards you are in debt before you sell them. Due to the cost to make physically and have them shipped to you.

eGift Cards starts at a profit and every sale goes directly into your bank account immediately!

8. Eco-Friendly

eGift cards are Eco-Friendly

Do you want to contribute to massive pollution problem our planet has?

Does the idea of the next generations die painful deaths due to the damages from our toxic pollution and waste?

To even the little bunny rabbits that bounce around on a green yard. Do you care about their future?

If you have a heart…

The answer is no you won’t sell plastic gift cards…

Because you will be eco-friendly and sell eGift Cards.

eGift Cards leave a 0% carbon footprint.

This is also a great selling point for your business. As it will boost your brands public relations in a positive light.

9. The Future Vs The Past

The Future Vs The Past of eGift cards

Do you own a beeper? Do you even know what a beeper is?

This is simply an analogy to gift cards.

Beepers have been replaced by the mobile phone because it is better in every way.

Soon, eGift Cards will replace plastic gift cards.

Digital gift cards are here to stay. Plastic gift cards are soon to go.

When you’re at a cross road and the obvious answer is in front of you which one do you take?

10. The Best Benefit

The Best Benefit

We saved this one for the end because it is truly what makes selling eGift Cards awe inspiring.

eGift Cards pay for themselves.

Plastic gift cards cost to sell each time, because you need to have a physical product each time.

With digital gift cards you pay nothing to make and receive everything.


eGift Cards are the only thing that you sell that will also make you money. It’s so amazing it’s hard to understand.

eGift Cards are often bought as gifts. This means it’s being sent to a different person from the one buying.

60% of the time they will be new to your business. This means you will be paid for gaining more customers.

97% of the times customers will spend more than the balance on their gift cards.

If you want an innovative way to make more money with your business, selling eGift Cards makes common sense.

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