10 Best iPad Camera Apps

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Best iPhone Camera Apps

The iPhone camera apps bring some considerable improvements for all the iPhone users who are keen to take their hobby of taking pictures to the next level.

These iPad camera apps help in creating an eye-catching and spectacular photography experience where the picture can be edited and remodeled in order to give superior effects to the photo.

Whether you are looking for more startling shots or need to do a spotlight on something more detailed, or in case you are looking for complete manual control, long exposure, or superior editing the Apple’s App Store provides innumerable and incredible camera apps that just befits to all your photography demands in right manner.

Mentioned below is the list of 10 Best iPad Camera Apps

Obscura Camera

Obscura camera app can be downloaded for $6.99 and gives complete control on options like contrast and shutter speed and gives the ability to capture stunning pictures in raw format. With this app iPhone users can do professional and creative photography. Therefore, people who are on the verge of getting into professional photography mostly download the aforementioned app so to make the pictures more aloud and attractive.


Halide can be purchased for $4.99 from the app store. This iOS Camera App gets the best out of an amateur. Halide has an amazing perspective of transforming your photos that are captured with the iPhone. This unbelievable, innovative camera app permits you to regulate as well as modify your exposure and even the manual focus. This app tailors controls by using the professional tools of Halide such as twists focus peaking, adaptive level grid detailed histogram and much more so as to cater the best and quality rich photographs.


Get highly developed camera controls in an outstanding package with the Manual at just $199! Very simple to use and helps you in adjusting the shutter, white balance, ISO and exposure compensation. With Manual can check histograms and numerous other things.


This app is available for $4.99 and offers tricky lighting and remarkable HDR. For those who are keen on doing amazing photography even in less perfect light conditions can adopt the technologies and features of this app.

Hyrda can be said as the most noticeable app in your photo store as it does an incredible job of balancing lighting and captures marvelous HDR photos that are inclusive of tiniest details. Hi-res style allows you to capture photos of even 32 megapixels and presents dedicated low light mode together with a real-time zoom option. This ability to click perfect shots makes Hydra one of the most intuitive apps for capturing amazing HDR photos with amicable clarity.


This wonderful app is accessible for $3.99 and is ideal for professional shooting; customized modes and offers excellent control layouts. ProShot provides sophisticated controls over shutter speed, ISO, and white balance but the best things about this app are the control layouts. They are not a hindrance and allow you take benefit of the whole view in the manner it was proposed.

ProCam 5

The ProCam 5 is a perfect app which offers a wide range of manual control. This app is available for $ 4.99 and offers Single shot HDR, live filters and TIFF files. The controls in ProCam 2 takes in shutter speed, exposure compensation, ISO, manual focus and White Balance. You can make a choice from a variety of 17 live lenses in order to sense the best photography.


It can be downloaded for free and is idyllic for easy shooting and editing. It has been observed that VSCO Cam unites social media along with instant photo touch-ups and produces flawless pictures. You can even put in filters and edit your images spots within the same app.

All the provided editing kits are simple and easy to use that makes it a wonderful app for beginner photographers.

ProCamera + HDR & Lowlight

The ProCamera 8 is an amazing tool and is available for $4.99 in the App Store. ProCamera 8 brags off an entire range of features, TIFF picture export, and manual controls. The vibrant HDR trait in ProCamera 8 works too gorgeously and simply makes your images very magnificent and appealing.

The app also provides the set of discerning live filters to opt from thus, allowing the photographers to deliver the best and remarkable images

Slow Shutter Cam

Slow Shutter Cam is perfect for long exposure photography and is available on the Apple’s App Store for just $1.99. If you wish to capture huge long exposures, all you have to do is pair off your iPhone with a stand and app. It provides complete resolution on every device and outlines three diverse photo capturing styles namely low light, light trail and motion blur.


Camera+ app is a wonderful option for all those who are looking for opportunities in editing and advanced shooting. For the iPhone users, this app promises few of the most enviable photographic effects. Camera+ app is an old iPhone photography app and is popular for a pretty long time. There are several filters, stellar camera controls, a breath-taking HDR mode, and a whole lot of editing tools that makes this app wonderful. The app also offers a separate button for exposure and allows to easily the light balance in photos.

So, go ahead download the latest iPhone Camera Apps for an amazing photography experience. These days clicking pictures is akin to capturing your memories for a lifetime and thus what can be the better option other than having the library of beautiful photographs.

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