10 Skills to Know If You Want To Be a Front End Developer

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10 Skills to Know If You Want To Be a Front End Developer

A front-end developer is a skilled IT professional who will take care of the process of applying the design on the web. It is quite different from web design that will focus on the appearance of a website. A front-end developer will utilize the different platforms like HTML, CSS and JavaScript for coding the websites which are created by the designers.

Front-end development is all about ensuring that there are no errors or bugs which will ensure that the design of the website will be good when viewed on the different browsers and platforms. So, among those who are wondering what all skills are necessary to become a front-end developer then you have come to the right place. 

Over here I am going to showcase 10 skills a person must know if he wants to become a front-end developer.

1. HTML and CSS

Learn HTML and CSS

HTML and CSS are regarded as the pivotal skills which are necessary for all web development. You cannot imagine creating a web design without having a command over HTML and CSS. The best part is that both these are quite easy to learn. It will be a matter of a few weeks before you master the skills regarding both these platforms and begin with the development of websites.

2. JavaScript

Learn JavaScript

JavaScript is a popular programming language which is quite important for web design. It will provide a website with the needed functionality. 
The language will enable you to integrate a website with the interactive elements which are quite necessary to deliver a good user experience. These elements include interactive films, maps which update in the real-time and online games. JavaScript will enable you to make your website navigable so that every type of user is able to interact with the website.

3. jQuery

Learn JQuery
JQuery is a group of plugins and extensions that make the process of web development with JavaScript quite easy. The best thing about JQuery is that you will not have to begin coding from the start while working on a new project. This is because you can utilize the elements that have been created for your project. These can be customized later on which will be according to the requirements of the project or the client needs. JQuery is perfect for the creation of countdown timers, grid layouts, search forms and much more.

4. CSS and JavaScript Frameworks

CSS and JavaScript Frameworks
CSS and JavaScript frameworks are a collection of JS or CSS files that enable you to perform the different tasks by catering a common functionality. The frameworks which you choose should be on the basis of the functionality they provide. A few of the JS frameworks are well suited for building complex user interfaces while there are some that are perfect for displaying a website’s content.

5. Cross Browser Compatibility

Cross Browser Compatibility
Cross browser compatibility becomes vital as you never know which web browser your users will be making use of for accessing the website. So, as a web developer, you should be able to develop a website regardless of the browser. The sole purpose of a website is to deliver the information showcased on it in a proper manner no matter whatever the browser is.

6. Front-End Frameworks

Front-End Frameworks

There are a number of front-end frameworks out there which can be chosen that will enable you to code faster along with CSS. Currently, Bootstrap is one of the most popular front-end frameworks which is implemented by most of the developers. So it becomes necessary that you gain skills over it. This will enable you to save your time during the process of web development.

7. Responsive Design

Having a responsive design for your website is crucial especially when your users are accessing the website on the different platforms. Nowadays, people are extensively using their smartphones or tablets as a primary device. Therefore, you need to have the experience with mobile design as you will be able to cater a large number of users. You should have a clear understanding of responsive web design principles and their implementation on the coding side as it is considered a key to front-end development.

8. Browser Developer Tools

A web browser is a medium through which your users will be interacting with your website. The way the web browsers are going to render the website will prove that whether the web development work done by you is up to the mark or not. All the advanced web browsers out there include the developer tools. These tools will enable you to test and fine-tune the pages which can be done in the browser itself. The browser developer tools consist of a JavaScript console and an inspector.

9. Testing & Debugging

During the development process, you are going to encounter a few bugs which need to be fixed. Therefore, it becomes important that you test your code and verify the existence of any kind of bugs. This will enable you to streamline the whole development process. Having the required testing skills is one of the most important skills which a front-end developer must have. There are different testing methods which are implemented in the web development process. These include functional testing and unit testing.

10. Command Line

The rise of Graphic User Interfaces (GUIs) into computing is one of the best things that could ever happen. There is no one who would want to type monotonous commands on a screen when there is an option to click on an interactive menu. Implementing GUIs would sometimes require you to open a terminal on your computer so that you can enter the required command line.

In The End

All the skills which have been showcased in this post are a must have if you want to become a successful front-end developer. You need to master all the skills so that you are able to develop a website which is feature packed and creates a visual appeal among the users.

Did I miss any of the important skills which should have mentioned above? If yes, then do let me know about them along with your views about the post in the comments section below.

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