Know The Tips For Making The Best Mobile Applications For The Clients

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What do you understand with Mobile App Development?

Mobile App Development is the process of developing a mobile application to run on various mobile platforms. Here platform means mobile operating system. There are several mobile operating systems.

Apple’s mobile operating system is called iOS, Google’s mobile operating system is called Android, RIM works on Blackberry and Window has Windows phone. Each operating system has its own rules and regulations and also the requirements to make a mobile application. iOS deals in objective C, however Android application uses Java.

Mobile app development has become an integral part for all the businesses. There are lots of mobile application development companies who can provide high-quality standard app of any category.

This article will brief you about all the app development services of iOS and Android:

Well, there are many leading Android App Development services company across the world. Considering today’s scenario, then 70% of the population is using Android platform. These companies will help you in raising your business.

There are trained professional Android app developers who will analyze your requirement and deliver a top-notch Android application for your business. Android has become a major enemy of Apple and other platforms too that have difficulty regarding the operating system and hardware fonts. Discovery of compatible and cost-effective mobile app for Android tablets and phones has created difficulty for other mobile app developers. Many companies related to development services have, the infrastructure and expertise to manage any Android app development services.

iOS is Apple’s operating system that put the whole mobile telecom world in 2007 on its head. It is very easy to recognize an iPhone with its screen and one button and a friendly operating system that sticks well together. 

iPad and iPhone apps are bit similar but in an iPad app, more attention is paid to the design and the look and feel. The developers believe that better resolution can offer more user experience. This makes it easier and attractive for playing games. 
Well, here is some importance of iOS mobile app development – iOS users like simplicity and quality, people usually find an iOS app in the app store, Audience is critical but they are willing to pay for the app, it is one of the leading company, where your app should definitely not missed.

  • Why one should require a mobile app for his or her business:
  • This will help you in building brand value for your business
  • It offers you more opportunity to generate revenue. Mobile app 
  • Mobile Apps for better support to customers
  • App gives you service for 24*7
  • Gives a loyal audience

Let’s discuss some useful Apps for iOS and Android

Now your smartphone is not less than a PC. Mobile technology has been grown on a bigger scale and provides you an instant communication with your family, friends, and even work colleagues. Messaging apps have now become so convenient that people have stopped using normal texting method. There are providing all in one feature in a single app, from free texting to voice and video calling and even photo sharing. Such Apps are:

  1. Whats App: This is one of the most used interacting apps in the world. It is completely free for the users. Here you can chat, share photos, documents, and contacts. It even features video and voice calls. 
  2. Facebook Messenger: Facebook has its own chatting app and it’s very convenient to talk to friends and family. It automatically links your contacts, you can even add a contact, or allow someone to add you as a contact by scanning a unique barcode. It even provides you free stickers and sends GIF. It also has video and voice calling. Android has a feature of ‘Chat Heads’, it very convenient and allows you to keep the chat icon rolling on the top of the screen.
  3. Line: This app is especially used in Asia, with more than 600 million users. It has rich features. Its timeline is similar to Facebook, where you can post and friends can comment on it. 
  4. Viber: Even this is a popular app and it automatically adds your contacts. It has similar features like texting, stickers, and emoticons, making video and voice calls. It allows you to share photos too.
  5. Snapchat: Snapchat has recently become very popular among the young crowd. This app focuses on sharing photos and videos. You can send a snap to your friend for a brief period of time. 

Tips to be used for building an App

Well, you must have seen that user interface of iOS and Android is completely different. Both are interface are well designed and beautiful. What should you consider while developing an App? This will automatically strike your mind before making an app.

Some of the state says that there are 4.43 billion mobile users across the world as of 2015 and it is expected to reach 5.07 billion by 2019. Well, there are 1.6 million Android apps available on play store, whereas, 1.5 million iOS apps available on App Store. Below are some key areas to be focused on developing an App.

  1. Deep Market Research: Before stepping in the market, make sure to conduct a proper market research. By this, you will get insights about your competitors, their strategies, their strengths and weakness too. This will make you know the mistake your competitor made and help you in not repeating the same mistake.
  2. Efficiency: So, if you are starting something, do it with 100% efficiency and accuracy, else don’t do it. Every user expects this from any mobile application. Data efficiency is important too. Make sure your app uses data efficiently and does not consume much data. 
  3. Display something different: Now when there are millions of smartphone applications available, a mobile user always looks for something new. So, create something interesting that keep the users engaged with your mobile app.
  4. Don’t keep the user waiting: Well, if your phone app is loading for long, then it may prove to be fatal and it might give them a bad user experience. It creates a negative impression in the user’s mind. 
  5. Price your mobile app correctly: It is the most important factor to work on and should not be ignored. Choosing a price for a mobile application is difficult. Developers need to consider before determining the correct price of the application.
  6. Plan for the offline experience: A portion of the most sizzling application outlines are commended for their ease of use when the purchaser is not online. This design practice should definitely be given light by the entrepreneurs and their team and think ahead about how the app works in the offline mode.
  7. Pick one thing and nail it: The biggest mistake an app developer make is trying to fit too many features in one small screen. Remember that your app should have one primary purpose. First, be crystal clear about what it is and bump over the users head.
  8. Cover as any platforms you can: Nowadays, users use apps on multiple devices and platforms like desktop, web, smartphone, and tablets. Developer and the entrepreneurs should make sure their app is available, functional and attractive across as many devices or platform as possible. 

There are few tips to be remembered before developing any mobile application. Developers even need to focus on Application’s screen resolution, colors and contrast, button functions, Fond size, cursor, and Keyboard. It is a task to work with so many diverse mobile devices. You cannot pin down the ideal method to develop apps for all the devices. Applying all these tips and can vastly help you to create better and more usable mobile phone apps.

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