KeepVid Online Video Downloader Review

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Have you come across a predicament wherein you visit a website and like a video so much that you want to download it and keep it in your collection so that you can enjoy it anytime without going online? However, you cannot do it as there is no option. 

Now you can resolve this dilemma as a free web application is offered that enables you to download your favorite video from a wide range of websites and store it in your hard drive, external hard drive or pen drive. 
All you have to do is to visit and download a free web application or install the extension on your device.

Key Features Of Keepvid

The keepvid online video download offers various key features. Some key features of this web application are as follows:

Video Download

Want to download any video you like on your computer whether it is desktop or tablet, this web application enables you to download any video whether it is a movie or a documentary from a wide range of websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Daily Motion or Hulu.

According to this website, you can download videos not only from more than 10,000+ sites but also in various formats that include more than 150 formats such as MP4, 3GP, FLV, WebM with just one click and that too, free. Not only that, you can download a complete playlist of videos with its batch and turbo features.

Audio Download

What would you do when you want to download just audio files? Don’t worry, this web application also offers you extensive features for downloading the recorded speeches and songs from various websites and includes various audio formats such as MP3, WAV, and WMA, among others.

Not only you can download them, you can record and convert them into the desired file format as per your requirements. So, if you need any audio file to download, record, store or convert them, this web application remains the best choice.

Subtitle Download

If you have a movie where the language is difficult or you require subtitles to understand it, downloading them from this web application remains the best choice.

No Registration Required

One more aspect that is fantastic about this application is the fact that you do not need to register either on the website or in the web application. Thus when you want to download a particular file, you do not run the risk of sharing your personal information.

KeepVid Helper

Do you have a lot of applications on your computer and you do not want to add yet another heavy program; still you want to download files from the internet when necessary. For this purpose, the site offers an innovative feature known as KeepVid Helper.

This feature can be described as an easy-to-use video downloader extension for your desktop and laptop. With this feature, you can download any video from a wide-range of the video-sharing website with just one click. Not only that, you can also record a Skype call and video conferences and playback them later.

Android App

If you just want to download your video and audio files on your Android smartphones, this web application offers you a gamut of choices with which you can download easily and quickly. Although you can try it for free, the paid versions of this software offer various advanced features such as turbo and playlist batch.

KeepVid is a comprehensive downloader that not only accesses more than 10,000+ websites but also downloads, stores, records and converts a multitude of file formats to the desired file formats. So visit the website today, download and enjoy your favorite videos.

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