What Does Guest Blogging Imply?

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What Does Guest Blogging Imply?

Guest posting is defined as that strategy employed by bloggers to boost their site’s traffic by simply generating and publishing posts on other people’s blogs. Generally, guest posting can be applied into different ways: Writing a post and letting it appear on another person’s blog Letting others write and publish their posts on your site
It is also important to understand that quite a huge number of websites apply guest posting as one method of gaining links to their sites. However, looking at the information we have at, search engines detest the practice of using unfair means to acquire backlinks. More often than not, Google tends to punish sites which employ guest posting for the purpose of link building and therefore request other sites to shun links directing to the guest poster’s website.

You can learn more concerning Matt Cutt’s, Google’s former Web Spam team head, opinion regarding guest posting by visiting us.


There are various ways you can use to enhance your site’s ranking by blogging. As it were, many brands have greatly benefited from guest posting. Before we look at how useful guest posting can be, it would be a wise idea to identify the existing opportunities for guest posting and how to benefit from them.

Identify Your Guest Posting Objectives 

Foremost, you will need to know why you want to go the guest posting way. Understanding your major objective is critical when it comes to establishing the most appropriate blogs you intend to submit your posts. Well, there exist three major reasons for guest posting.

  • Creating inbound links to your site
  • Showcasing your authority and reputation in the field
  • Redirecting traffic to your site 

If you develop the correct type of content that is relevant to the most popular blogs, then you will be able to achieve all the three goals. In case you want to achieve goal number one or two, definitely, you will require finding blogs that command a higher following.

On the other hand, if your main aim is to accomplish goal number three, you will, therefore, need to find sites that have influential root domains. This is something that can be done for free via the SEOmoz toolbar. Thus, knowing why you are guest posting beforehand is key when deciding the most appropriate blogs for your kind of niche.

Identifying Opportunities For Guest Posting

Finding opportunities for guest posting is the first step. In this case, if you are searching for ideal sites to guest post to, you must consider sites that are related to your content or niche. You will be searching for blogs that meet the following conditions:

  • Content that is related to your niche or industry
  • Users of the blog are going to like your posts 
  • The guest blog commands a higher following and shares on social media 

The owner of the host blog is active on social media networks as this will mean that indeed they are going to promote your creation on their website. As such, if your blog is more concerned with promoting farm machinery, will need to find top blogs with an engaging audience of large-scale farmers. You may also find the best guest posting openings through the following:

  • Google searches 
  • Prolific guest bloggers
  • Competitor backlinks
  • Social searches
  • MyBlogGuest
  • Other popular SEO tools

Well, the list is long and in order to learn how to use the aforementioned methods, we recommend that you visit us at Here, you will find all the info on how to get started with each one of them. Avoid repeating the mistakes you fellow newbie bloggers make.

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