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Looking for a geeky and easy way to label your stuff like drinks for parties and events, homemade products, kids items or holiday gifts? Then you should definitely try Labeley, a 100% free online tool for designing household, product, kids and seasonal labels without any graphic design skills
Labeley’s hardcore users are wine and beer craft brewers, and professional event organizers because it allows them to generate unique labels for their brew and various events without any expenses and with minimal time investment. In summary, Labeley saves money and time on designing printables and self-adhesive stickers for various purposes.

How Labeley Works?

Labeley is a full-fledged web-based software for designing stickers and labels without effort, using lots of ready-made design elements. Despite its comprehensiveness, its interface is very clean and straightforward, which makes the online sticker designer easy to use and popular among users. The design process starts by clicking the big green button Start designing on the homepage.

You are then prompted to choose one of the 5 label categories: general, kids, beer, wine and holidays.

These category names are pretty self-explanatory, so there is hardly any need to give a more detailed description of each. Basically, if you want to create custom labels for your craft beer or your wine tasting event, you will choose Beer and Wine category respectively. Wine label category is also the best choice if you want to design, let’s say, a personalized champagne bottle for your wedding.

Kids are the biggest sticker and label “consumers”, so if you need to label your child’s daycare or school items, clothes, shoes, sports gear or similar, opt for the Kids category.

Holidays is actually a special category designed around Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, birthday parties, anniversaries and other celebratory events.

If your need doesn’t fall under any of afore the mentioned categories, just go with General. With some creativity and clear purpose in mind, you will be able to generate the label for about anything using the pre-designed elements.

How To Design Custom Stickers?

Choosing the category takes you to the tool itself. The sticker designing starts by choosing the shape which is the only must element of every label. Each category comprises a number of identical and original shapes. The are about 50 different shapes in total.

All the other elements — background, border, bottleneck (for beer and wine labels only), graphics, and even text are optional. You use what you need to customize your stickers to your liking.

One of the neatest options is the ability to upload your own graphic, photo, image. For example, you may want to upload your business logo to the design.

For users without any graphic design skills, there is a plethora of ready-made graphics in each category to help them design a professionally looking sticker.

How To Save You Custom Design?

Once the design is finished you can save it by navigating to the Save label button which can be found in the upper right corner of the tool interface. Every saved label appears in the left sidebar where you simply right-click it and then choose option Save image as. It will be downloaded to your local hard drive. From there you can print it on your home printer on anywhere else. For professional printing, especially on a self-adhesive material, you can use Labeley’s printing services. 

Top 5 Features oF Labeley App

1. Design fully personalized labels and stickers for any occasion without design knowledge.

2. A variety of ready-made design elements for customizing stickers.

3. Download designs without providing any of the personal and contact details.

4. Ability to register a free user account to store designs and modify them in the future.

5. Absolutely free online software for creating custom labels, without annoying ads of any sort.

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