Top 3 Benefits Of ERP For The Construction Industry

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Top 3 Benefits Of ERP For The Construction Industry

Any construction company that has several projects going on simultaneously as well as several being bid on and others in the beginning stages of planning knows full well just how confusing things can get quite quickly. Often the right-hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing, departments are duplicating work and before long there is a maze of contradictions that need to be sorted through before anything can be done. If you are in the construction industry then it would be worth your while to explore the top five benefits of construction project management software, better referred to as

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning platforms.

What Exactly Is Enterprise Resource Planning Software?

The quickest way to sum up what ERP software is would be to tell you what it does, which is just about everything. It is a way for all your software to be integrated so that it communicates with each other, negating the need for double entry of information from one department to the next. Wow! That was a mouthful, wasn’t it? In other words, an ERP can be customized for your construction company so that each module will communicate with all others and any information that you enter only needs to be entered once.

The software will then direct that data to other modules where it also needs to be recorded such as communicating between planning and cost modules. You’ve made a bid and now need to stay within cost. As you plan each stage of construction the cost associated is transferred over to your financial module and it only needs to be entered once. Now that you have a basic idea of what ERP is, let’s look at those five benefits.

 ERP Software Saves Time

Since you have one software platform with various models that communicate with each other, ERP is going to be your greatest time-saving investment you could ever make in your business. Once your modules have been built, you only need to enter information in one module which will then communicate with all others that need the same data.

ERP Software Is Cost Efficient

Time is money, there is no doubt about that! Any way in which your company can save time is also a money saving benefit. This frees personnel up to pursue other tasks that they would be busy with if they had to cross-enter data, cross-reference when looking something up. An amazingly cost efficient investment in your company. Perhaps the most cost-efficient investment with the biggest potential for ROI you’ll ever realize.

Reduction In Duplicate Entries Equates To A Reduction In Human Error

Finally, and perhaps the biggest benefit of all is that by only entering data once that will be automatically disseminated to other applicable modules you significantly reduce the possibility of human error. Of course, if the information is entered incorrectly in the first module all others will be faulty as well, so it is imperative that great care is given to initial entry. Reducing human error is a huge factor in cost control.

Learn More About ERP Using These Tutorials

Below YouTube videos playlist has plenty tutorials for beginners to learn about ERP.

Now then, ERP is also scalable. This means that you only need to purchase modules that are pertinent to your company. Enterprise Resource Planning software is designed to help you use your resources, time and labor more efficiently and that equates to less waste and greater profitability. From planning to resource allocation to scheduling to monitoring costs and managing documents and contracts, ERP does it all and you have complete control over which modules you choose to implement. Looking to reduce errors, save money and increase profits? Check out ERP for your company. You won’t be disappointed.

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