10 Best Android Literacy Games For Kids

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Parents around the world are always concerned about the education of their kids because kids usually don’t take interest in their study. In the modern-day era where technology dominates the world, these parents always look for some potential Android applications to assist their young kids develop strong literacy skills. In fact, the Smartphone platform is speedily growing into a great place for the today’s children with a selection of high-end apps and games that develop and enhance their minds. For this very reason, the current article will present a list of top 10 influential and effective android apps for kids. In fact, with the help of these fantastic literacy games you can literate your kids, while they are playing enjoying games. Check out the following list of apps:

Monkey Junior

Monkey Junior is a very interesting literacy game for kids. This app is especially designed with the core objective of developing skills of kids by different types of reading games. In fact, this game is a comprehensive reading program for them. There are many interesting and striking features in this game that can really keep your kids amused while they developing their reading and vocabulary skills. One of the most prominent features of this game-oriented Android app is that it has different types of reading programs for kids through which they can really learn and improve their reading capability.

Ladybird Apps

Ladybird app as a literacy game is very effective and influential for kids. By playing this interesting game, your kids can entertain themselves while they are improving their spelling to a substantial level at the same time. Most importantly, this app will even help kids in understanding UK English very well and in a very easy manner.

As far as the functions and other essential features of this literacy game is concerned, this app has complete books and many small games designed with the core aim of getting better spelling among your children. Basically, this app has three different sorts of games including prompt spellings, sinking spellings and scrambled spellings. Besides these, its splendid features are influential and appealing storytelling books which integrate appealing and engaging examples.

FriendStrip Kids Pro

FriendStrip Kids Pro is another entertaining Android app and by playing this kids can develop enough skills and abilities to invent the comic strips by their own. By laying this interesting game, kids are fully capable of making and posing pictures and at the same time diverse characters might be included hence a comic strip can be completed very easily and conveniently.

Concentration for Kids

Concentration for Kids as an engaging Android app can develop your kids’ memory skills because it has the feature of testing. This literacy app has three exclusive themes which have 10 different levels. By playing this game and using these level and themes, you kids are allowed to select sea creatures, most popular animals and letters. This game is designed with the intention of getting better the matching capabilities in your kids to a great level.

Petting Zoo

If your kids like and love animals, this game is sure to raise a smile and introduces your kids to animals. Petting Zoo is an interesting, engaging and attractive Android literacy game for kids. This game includes famous animals having idiosyncratic attributes. This game has 21 hand drawn well-known animals that are animated in quirky ways and all of them have their own musical soundtrack. This game has very effective and interesting animations which are very engaging and thus your children can even enjoy playing this.

Squeebles apps

Squeebles apps are very influential and helpful for children because by playing this game they can really learn mathematics while improve their spelling skills at the same time. These games have spelling squeebles test that develops speaking skills in your kids. Kids speak with the help of a microphone and immediately they can develop their numeric and spelling traits without any difficulty record for playing again.

Toy Story: Story Theatre

Toy Story: Story Theatre is an attention-grabbing Android game-oriented app. This game has been designed by well-known Disney with the core objective of making movie according to the kids’ demands. This remarkable and interesting game effectively follows the theme of toy story movie. There are fairly strict parameters in this game and by playing this kids choose characters, suitable places, actions and events, and record the narration using their own voice.

Medieval Math Battle Pro

No doubt, Medieval Math Battle Pro is one of the engaging and influential Android game-oriented apps which have been developed for kids with the core aim of developing and enhancing the learning abilities in kids. By playing this interesting game, kids could really solve math problems very easily. This game has different sorts of characters, such as monsters, goblin and battling troll. When kids play this gaming app, they have to struggle with the mentioned famous characters and when they pass each level, they have to face toughest levels. This game will really help your kids in comprehending the different concepts and problems of Mathematics.

Grimm’s Bookshelf

Grimm’s Bookshelf is an Android literacy game having virtual bookshelf which integrates various storybooks associated with Grimm’s brother stories. By using the digital pop-up tales of Grimm, the app develop has perfectly designed this engaging and interesting literacy game for kids. Grimm’s Bookshelf enables parents to read classic tales to your children with fun visuals.

Super Why! from PBS KIDS

This is amazing Android literacy games for children ages 3 to 6. This engaging game is perfect for kids studying in preschool and kindergarten settings. This game will assist your kids in effective achieving the Power to Read with this interactive literacy app. By playing this gamming application, your kids can play together with Super Why, Alpha Pig, Wonder Red and Princess Pres, main characters from the TV series, while developing skills of understanding the alphabets, while developing reading and writing skills.

At the end, if parents download these engaging, effective and influential Android literacy gamming apps in their smartphones, there is much possibility that these apps will be very helpful and supportive in developing and improving your kids’ learning skills to a substantial degree. So, it is the time to visit play store in your Smartphone or tablet and download some of the abovementioned Android literacy games to give an opportunity to your children to develop their reading, writing, and other learning skills in a more easy and interesting way.

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