CakePHP Based CMS – Easier Scalable & Flexible In All Terms!

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Content management systems developed using CakePHP framework

CakePHP web application framework considered as a great tool to develop a cross platform web application, following the MVC (Model-View-Controller) approach. Cake Software Foundation Inc. created it in the year 2005 to produce an easier solution for the CMS development.

This open source web application framework uses PHP as a coding language and offers a flexible and comprehensive platform to develop, maintain and produce PHP based solutions.

In the meantime of 10 years, this web application framework groomed so much and established a great presence among web developers. Recently, the founder of CakePHP, Cake Software Foundation Inc., released the latest version 3.1.6 on Dec 23, 2015, which is available at

This robust web application framework allows developers to develop flexible, scalable and secure CMS solution by using CakePHP based content management systems, through one from the beneath list:

Croogo CMS

Croogo comes up with great inbuilt options such as WYSIWYG Editor, comment SPAM filters, own content type creator, Taxonomy and so on. This CakePHP powered CMS oblige users with open-source, robust and built-in Twitter Bootstrap options.

Wildflower CMS

Web Application Framework – Wildflower, also uses CakePHP in the base to develop, maintain and deploy CMS solutions. With a lot of initial features, this CMS offers JQuery JavaScript library to develop user friendly CMS.

Simpleflan – Flexible CMS solution for designer portfolio

As the name itself makes it recognizable by users, Simpleflan CMS is flexible and simplest content management system that built using CakePHP. This CMS is generally used by the designers who want to showcase their portfolio with an ease of managing feature. Via this open source CMS, users can design their own portfolio with an easy UI, inbuilt themes, plugins, resize and zoom options, etc.

Oven CMS

Frequent and flexible CMS solution that comes with the Modularized CMS option to develop solutions from small to large scale. Oven CMS oblige developers with inbuilt modules (plugins) that can inherit different features into a single solution either a website or application.

Lumad CMS

Another open source CakePHP powered content management system, that make designers more comfortable with the development of small websites or applications. Lumad CMS offers quick and user friendly interface to manage different tasks or activities in small websites.

Capuchn – Dojo based CMS

With Quick development using MVC framework, Dojo JavaScript based CMS – Capuchn, inherits the features of CakePHP as well. Capuchn CMS oblige end users with an ease like WordPress and developers to extend framework for rich website development.

CakePHP powered Capuchn CMS include features – Integrated with TinyMCE editor, Single page, Full featured image gallery, Integrated email client, Simple themes, Email to post (with pictures) feature, full-AJAX admin page, etc…

Cupcake CMS

With initial properties of lightweight and design-oriented user interface, Cupcake CMS oblige web developers with the ease, simple interface and WYSIWYG editor. This open-source content management system is also built using “CakePHP web application framework” and inherit the fundamental features like – flexibility, scalability and ease.

With Cupcake CMS, users can manage their blog, node or page without knowing HTML or PHP, which enhance their use among non-technical users.

BEdita Semantic CMS

This open-source CMS framework oblige users to create content management systems and web applications based on semantic rules. BEdita CMS allows a user to create multiple sites at a single span of time with all initial features, libraries and plugins. It is also used to build e-learning systems, multimedia archives, printed materials, implement e-commerce services, and blogs.

Modular open-source framework, BEdita offers back-end CMS along with multi-tier architecture, MVC approach and semantic relations.

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