15 Must Have Android Apps of 2015

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Searching for the best android app is a daunting job! Most of the tech people will swear that they cannot live without mobile apps to complete their day to day activities.

Those apps are present everywhere with Android and if you are searching for a good stuff then it is assumed that you already have that stuff. Here are the best Android apps of 2015 that has got the maximum installs:

1. Android Device Manager (Free)

This is actually Google’s built in functionality “find my phone” and is freely available on any Android device. There is an application in that which allows you to manage your devices, find them, secure them and wipe them if needed. A web interface is also available to find your devices on any computer with the web browser. For this you will have to turn on ADM to make it work and you will need Location Services enabled to find your device.

2. Google Play Music, YouTube (Free, paid subscription – $9.99/month)

There are some music apps that allow you to play local content and there are certain streaming apps that make you stream content. This service of Google Play Music offers you to upload up to 50,000 of your songs to Google’s cloud for streaming. This process is entirely free of cost. Above that, you can get an average streaming service and other Internet radio options. 

You can get premium features like the removal of ads in YouTube, when you add it in YouTube Red and this will provide you with a great experience through paid subscription service of YouTube!

3. Google Drive Suite (Free with in-app purchases)

This is one of the best cloud storage solutions and is owned by Google, where all the users get 15GB for free forever on Android while signing up. You can buy more if required. The suite applications attached to Google Drive makes it more special. They include Google Keep, Google Slides, Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Photos. Deep sharing feature and live collaboration are some features of the app.

4. HERE Maps (Free)

This app has the capability to use maps while providing offline navigation and to download them. It is similar to Google Maps that helps you to find out the restaurants and other nearby places as Google Maps. It is completely free of cost and the one who needs offline navigation can try this.

5. ES File Explorer (Free)

This app is completely free to use and it is available to all android dvices. It includes some major power user features to effectively manage our files! Some of the features are root explorer, SMB support, turning apps into APKs, multimedia playback, and file browsing, zipping & unzipping different types of archives, WebDAV support, cloud storage support, transfer files over Wi-Fi and many others.

6. Pocket (Free)

It lets you take a webpage that you are currently viewing and bookmark it for the future. This is amazing when you are searching funny stories or news from your social media feed like Facebook, Twitter or Google+ that you wish to read it later. It is absolutely easy to use and it also works with news apps like Flipboard. It is free to use and it also provides browser extensions that can be used on a computer.

7. Evernote (Free with in-app purchases)

Evernote is the strongest note-taking app that has never been created before. It comes with lots of features like the ability to insert audio/video/images, create lists and synced to the cloud so that it can be accessed from any web browser. It also offers some features to keep all this information in line. Evernote Premium has in-app purchases, which is nothing but a subscription that gives you better offline access and privacy options.

8. Tasker ($2.99)

This app lets users to create custom made commands and then apply them in various sites. Many apps have Tasker support and they can be utilised to create complicated commands for NFC tags.

9. Swiftkey Keyboard (Free with in-app purchases)

It is one of the most powerful and customizable 3rd party keyboards that are available on Play Store. It has entered the market several years before and has grown a lot over the years. It is free to download app and it’s another good feature includes a dedicated number row, Swiftkey Flow which permits for gesture typing, multiple language support and cross-device syncing of your library.

10. Nova Launcher (Free/ $4.99 for prime)

It extends beyond the normal launchers and it has been continuously updated and it is never an option for launcher replacement. It has other features like app drawer, icon theming, restore your home screen set ups, customization elements, ability to backup and more.

11. Pushbullet (Free)

It is an app that links your computer to your device through the web browser. From there you can do stuff like you can transfer files, check your notifications and send messages on services. It is one of the better and stable ways to answer texts from your computer.

12. Pocket Casts ($3.99)

This stable and most visually engaging app lets you download or stream other podcasts for enjoyment. It features both audio and video podcast of your favorites shows so you can catch up on about anything. It is one of the last podcast apps that you will have to download for a long time.

13. LastPass (Free with in-app purchases)

Since we use mobile devices to log on everything, having LastPass is better. It saves passwords and keeps all the auto-filling passwords for sites and apps that you use often. There is a password generator to generate hard-to-hack passwords. It is really worthy. It is a password manager that seems to be like a step above others. One of the recent update has made the mobile use completely free with a premium subscription service charged for syncing from desktop to mobile.

14. Zedge (Free)

This can be notification tones, alarm tones, wallpapers and that provides you a number of chances to customize your device. It also promotes different items during festival seasons making it simple to theme your mobile for Halloween, Christmas and other holidays. The only drawback is that the advertising can be a little disturbing and annoying.

15. Groupon (Free)

Groupon is a popular coupon app that lets you search deals and coupons for restaurants, businesses and events. Each coupon can be used instantly or later according to need. It is properly-designed and quite easy to use. The only potential issue is that it does not support in all the regions.

So what about you? What are your favorite android apps? Let us know which apps help you the most. Discuss with us in the comments below.

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