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Best learning games for kids on android marketplace

You might try hard to fight it, but you cannot beat the influence of mobile devices on kids. They will get their hands on them and be influenced by them. As parents, what you can do is that the right content reaches them and the device is being used productively and generating a positive influence overall.

These applications can be used to engage and educate children by parents and they can be played by all members of the family or children by themselves. We share 10 Android literacy games for kids that will enable your kids to develop their mental capabilities in an entertaining manner.

Medieval Math battle Pro

This application gives an interesting setting for solving maths problems with battling monsters, trolls, goblins and wolves and slaying dragons and it only gets harder as each level is crossed. It is a fun way to memorize maths facts and there are interesting rewards for good performance.

The animation is great and the hurdles are challenging but engaging. The problems are for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Characters can be customized and enemies can be attacked with math potions.

Ladybird apps: I am Ready to Spell, Read it Yourself

Ladybird’s I am Ready to Spell and Read it Yourself applications are Penguin Books’ famous brand. Children will learn to spell like pros and read with ease in UK English and phonics. There are three mini games for practise and marking the progress on the spelling app and the second app has all the books in the reading series.

The spelling app has three fun space-themed games and kids can decorate their space rockets. Games included are –

  • Speedy spellings 
  • Scrambled Spellings
  • Sinking Spellings

The reading app has many modern and traditional storybooks with interesting illustrations with stories that are simply written. There are comprehension questions and puzzles to test the child’s understanding and hints and tips for parents or guardians.

FriendStrip Kids Pro

This application is already famous in a number of schools for the inventive manner in which kids can create their own comic strips. There are more than 85 strips and cues that explain to kids how to pose or recreate images. Kids can even add characters in the form of their own friends, family or toys to complete a comic strip.

This application is a great way to fuel kids’ imagination and they will enjoy doing it as an outlet to their creativity. There is option to add customized text and animations with stories that were created by real comic book artists.

Toy Story: Story Theatre

Designed and developed by Disney, it is based on the Toy Story movie theme. Kids can choose characters, events, actions and places and record narrations in their own voice. It enables them to make their own movie and thus apply their creative senses while letting their imagination run wild.

Petting Zoo

This application has a collection of 21 animated beasts that are quirky to say the least. The animals can be poked and tickeld to get sounds and squeezy reactions. The hand drawn animals give surprising reactions which parents will enjoy just as much as their kids do. Kids and adults alike will love the animations on these cartoons.

Grimms’ Bookshelf

This application is a virtual bookshelf of separate storybooks, covering all the Grimm Brother tales. The developers, StoryToys are credited for creating pop-up digital stories of Brothers Grimm. You can browse the catalogue and access books that you have already bought.

The Bookshelf, in the words of the developers, is a sampler of all their apps, with a free game from all their titles. The app comes with five languages reading option and complete 3D reading experience to keep your child entertained.

Monkey Junior

This application is a reading program for kids with numerous reading games. It will develop your kids’ reading skills and expand their vocabulary. New reading courses are regularly updated on the app and parents will be able to witness the improved reading skills of their children.

There are videos, images and audio along with reading exercises that have been designed by leading educators.

Squeebles Apps For Kids

They have always created wonderful applications for children which are entertaining, informative and educational. Parents can swear by how the Squeebles Spelling Test app has helped their children improve their spelling skills. There is a microphone into which children can speak and these can be recorded for playing later. Even the maths application is very useful for teaching simple arithmetic.

There are many pre-recorded spelling tests that can be downloaded for children in the age group of 4-11 years in UK English. They do not ignore phonetics as there is Squeebles Phonics Test too. The dynamic interface, ergonomic controls and inventive rewards all make this application a fun way for kids to learn elementary mathematics and English.

Concentration For Kids

This is a classic game of concentration that will test memory skills of kids. There are three different themes with 10 different levels from which children can choose well-known, animals, sea creatures and letters. There is a multi-player mode for competitions and the background sounds are quite amusing.

There are plenty of matching items and it is easy on the batteries, so children can be kept occupied for a while without worrying over battery running out.

Toddler Music Jukebox

This app has 12 classic kids’ songs including Old McDonald, Itsy Bitsy Spider and Row Row Row Your boat. It is an easy and entertaining way to keep kids occupied while travelling or at home in free time. It is a paid application with an interactive and colourful interface and easy to navigate control for kids to manoeuvre.

Many of these applications are being used by parents for home-schooling children and all of them have been designed to match the evolving needs of kids’ education. They may be branded as applications for infotainment as they give information in an entertaining way and are easily assimilated by kids.

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