20 Best Password Manager Software [UPDATED 2021]

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Password Manager Software

Need best password manager? We have compiled a list of best password managers to help you choose from multiple options.
Hacking has become an acute bane in today’s life. What will happen? If all our important documents are nabbed and our privacy gets lost in the hands of cyber criminals. Many daring hacking techniques and powerful exploitation tools are replete in the cyber world.

With several dozens of free hacking resource available online, anyone can be stealing your information in a blink.

The browsers are not safe for storing your passwords either. Many vulnerability in browser password stores are exposed in recent past.

Keeping your passwords very difficult to guess is a good way to protect your online information, however it gets painful to remember it.

Key Things to Keep Your Password Secure

Here are some key things to keep your password secure, most of the password managers support these features.

  • Use a difficult to guess password with more than 8 characters and containing alphabets, numbers and special characters.
  • Use different password for different websites.
  • Keep changing your password frequently. At least once in 90 days.
  • Do not provide your password of one website to another website.

. Keeping a secure password is not easy. So what is the resolution? It’s a Password Manager Software. Password manager software not only stores large collection of passwords but retrieves all our data in an encrypted manner; with one Master Password, we can access our accounts in a secure manner, it also provides us with additional features with which we can operate all our accounts in a conveniently. A few of the best ones are described below:


Lastpass is an award winning best password manager. It generally uses AES 256 bit encryption, with other advanced combinations. Lastpass supports a wide range of browsers and syncs easily with any device. It remembers all the passwords providing a centralized, cost effective free password management and ensures advanced security features. The concept of one master password is unique and any account can be accessed through it. It has been used worldwide and highly appreciated in software management reviews.


Here is the cream of the crop! One of the best password managers ever. Dashlane keeps track of all passwords and helps in auto login to any site. It is a free password manager, imports and secures the entire passwords in a protected vault. Master password is the only way which takes incredible care of our data. The data can only be decrypted by the original user and not even Dashlane. Dashlane also ensures the most accurate and agile way to auto-fill forms on the web and saves time. .


Keepass is a free open source password manager. It helps us manage everything like passwords,files,confidential accounts in a highly secured way. Many features like autotype, multiple users key, Multilanguage support,strong random password generator, easy database transfer are unique. It is browser friendly as well. Keepass is a real random password generator,so you need not worry about any security or hacking problems.

Password Box

Password Box is an award winning free online password safe. It saves time with one tap login to different sites. It is encrypted with AES-256, locked with a Master Password, ensures auto lock function against theft, and uses optional pincode lock for additional security. Password Box is also a digital manager with a legacy locker and can be used in any advanced operating system. Moreover, it meets a real need as it is a reliable password storage software. It can be found in any online apps store.

Password Genie

Security Coverage was launched in 2003. The main application of these innovative software are Secure It; For Protection , File-Hopper; For Storage and Password Genie ; for secure and management purposes. Password Genie is a master password keeper which facilitates high protection. It specializes in Android app management, website security, password management, easy backup and support systems. It is mainly a web based password manager and this password manager app can be installed and updated from any reliable online store as well.


Roboform is the world’s top password keeper. It is an industry leading encryption technology which secures all files with a principle password and has auto form filler which helps in form fill up functions. Roboform is not only browser friendly but it is easy to use, fast and can be accessed from almost any platform.

Keeper Vault

Keeper Vault is a secure and easy to use password vault and digital vault. It ensures the highest level of data privacy to any device. For additional security, Keeper Vault integrates a two factor authentication using an advanced encryption technology. It costs $10 per device per year- but a free trial can be opted for the period of 30 days. The website also provides 24×7 support.

Handy Password

As the name suggests, Handy Password Manager automatically saves login of each website account you visit. The sofwtare employs a 128-bit encryption rather than 256-bit which is still very safe for the users. It is also comprised of a new password generator tool which will attempt to discover all the partially forgotten passwords; along with that it can create ‘un-hackable’ complex passwords. Handy Password Manager is also available in portable USB and PC versions. Though the company provides minimum support, but facilities like auto-fill and data backup is high convenient and user friendly.

Agilebits Password

Agilebits Password is convenient and simple. The 1 Password offers a productive and faster password retrieving approach available for all devices. It is a 21st century digital wallet which keeps vital information in a secured safe. Its equally compatible in every browser and has an auto-fill function. Agilebits also securely shares information with others and is up to date. Agilebits is truly one of the best secure password managers around.


Passpack is one of the best online password manager for individuals and teams. This team password manager helps tag, search and manage multiple auto logins. The key features are collaboration (easy access of one’s account by others in a secure manner) and host proofing. The advanced technology also provides awesome customer care service which is appreciated. Furthermore, the concept of password fatigue is almost vague when using Passpack.

Password Wallet

Password Wallet is a free web based password manager. It retrieves all banking, website, shopping and other login information protectively behind one master password. It works well in all sorts of browsers. Password Wallet simplifies your online life by featuring the password saving and accommodation facilities as well. This online password manager provides high security as well as provides customer support.To get started, you need to download the Password Wallet toolbar and see how user friendly it is.


Splashid is a password safe for all browsers. It synchronizes with any form of data provided. Splashid uses one way encryption system to secure all files and documents and also ensures high firewall protection against theft. Splashid continuously innovates and provides updates for most recent platform versions too. It is well known for its customer support and is perfectly safe for online banking or any kind of secure transactions.

Intuitive Password

Intuitive Password is one of the world’s best online password managers and secure data storages, according to several online password manager reviews. It uses the US government approved encryption algorithms and protects its user from the accidental data breaches.The reasons to opt for this manager are as follows: quick auto login, multi-factor authentication, secure sharing of passwords,highly secure, easy tagging features, easy password organization and compatibility. Furthermore it has a free trial plan.


StickyPassword is among one of the flexible and top notch password managers with plenty of useful attributes. The management tools and cloud integration are well adapted as well. StickyPassword Cloud runs as a standalone application and uses the concept of one master password. It also offers good online support. It’s well integrated with all platforms too.

Kaspersky Password Manager

Kaspersky Password Manager generates strong passwords which protects your data and money against theft. Kaspersky offers secure storage, easy access and strong passwords, it’s available in free and premium versions. Kaspersky is a digital wallet also with high synchronized technology which ensures complete safety. Simple sign-in and auto-fill features are supported too.

Hitachi ID Password

Hitachi ID Password manages credentials across multiple systems and applications, also ensures a secure login process. Hitachi Password offers several business challenges including call volumes help, compatibility for various users according to their needs, self service password reset; it reduces the volume and duration of IT support call. Many IT companies have chosen this user productive software which is not only ensuring security, but also providing high cost-effectiveness.

Trendmicro Password Manager

Trendmicro Password Manager provides compatible, protective and self service solutions. It increases our security line by reducing help desk errors, eliminating the need for multiple passwords and acting as a secured digital purse. It’s user oriented and a highly relevant software. Apt for all operating systems, Trendmicro Password Manager uses highly encrypted algorithms to avoid hacking related problems.

Team Password Manager

Team Password Manager uses AES-256 & B crypt 2FA. Additional features like self hosted responsiveness, affordable price, and ‘free for two users’ are highly appreciated. It has got improved security, better organization of .txt documents and workflow are all present in this all in one app. Master password, auto-fill attributes are integrated too.

Soft-O Free Password Manager

Free Password Manager is essentially a freeware program which encrypts your passwords, retrieves forgotten access codes and passwords, stores credit card details and logins. It integrates AES algorithm and facilitates customable database folders. Moreover, Soft-O Free Password Manager
can be installed on a USB flash drive.


One way encryption of NeedMyPassword is a great security option which ensures unending protection to the user. The online password manager tool not only ensures online password storage, but also retrieves forgotten passwords. However it is a little bit pricey. User friendliness, user support system and unlimited storage are few of the key features. Moreover. it’s compatible with most platforms.

It is a multi device era so it is not uncommon to access one’s account from a PC, tablet or smartphone run by a different operating systems. Its also an increasingly insecure online world where every week brings news of fresh types of data breach. To overcome this crisis, an antivirus program or an operating system firewall is not sufficient. You require a good password manager software. Furthermore, a password protection software saves your time with the features such as auto fill and auto login.

Which password manager do you use? Do you know of any open source team password manager or a self hosted password manager? Please share with us in comments.

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