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12 eCommerce Website Design Trends You Can’t Miss

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eCommerce Website Design Trends

Ecommerce or electric commercing is gaining popularity with each passing day. Going to shopping physically is not quite possible everyday. Owing to our busy lives, everybody is choosing online shopping over the real shops. Thus, ecommerce sites are gaining importance in our daily lives. Keeping that in mind an ecommerce site should be designed.
Online shopping not only saves your time but also your energy. It can help you reach places where you cannot in real life, atleast not within few minutes. Technology will keep advancing and people will continue to grow busier each day, so the popularity of the ecommerce websites is not to end any time soon.
Ecommerce have redefined the completely shopping experience in a very new way and have given a better direction to it. Online presentation is important for any company, especially if it is an ecommerce website. The internet serves as a huge center of competitive businesses and websites, in which ecommerce websites tops the list. This online platform can get you hell lot of customers from all around the world, so impressing every individual with different taste is important. The design and approach would be able to attract and engage every genre of masses.

It is a rather competitive business as there are a number of ecommerce websites. However, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind while preparing online shopping site. Only making it appealing would not bring you enough sales. There are additional features, which are to be taken care of, focusing on the viewer aspect. If you fail to please the viewer, the user will not even give a second thought before switching on to another website.
It is the most simple and easy way of popularizing a brand of a company in front of the whole world market. Make your website such that at least that you are able to hold the viewer long enough to make an actual purchase and turn him or her into a potential buyer. The website should be such that it can grab the customers’ interest at the first glance itself. The designers and the php programmers should keep these things in mind for better results. Here lie some tips, which may boost your sales and result in increased revenues.
These points are vital for every ecommerce sites and can only lead to success, Success in the terms of gaining more potential customers and high revenue generation.

Responsive Design

With everything going the mobile way, applying responsive web design is necessary. As because a large portion of internet users surf form mobile phones and other portable devices like tablets, iPad etc, if the website fails to open in the mobiles that would intend to lost sales. Responsive web design ensures the website to open in all the devices in a similar way and give a proper view irrespective of the screen size. This trend is sure to continue till an inevitable time since mobile phones will be available. Every website should be made mobile optimized without even a second thought.

Parallax Scrolling

The idea is to quit the system of clicking. The time is such that if an ecommerce website is made in such a way that a single page will display thousand items and products would keep on showing up as you scroll down, it will gain better popularity. Viewers may feel irritated at constantly clicking the pages and leave without viewing all the products, which would directly result in no sales. Thus, Websites consisting of long and parallax scrolling can get better sales.

Information In Details

Provide enough information about the products being offered. Product details are necessary to help the client out and undergo an easy purchase. Details like size, color, type, length and a closer HD image are the things to be mentioned. Always opt for professional designers, developers, and PHP programmers for best results.

Easy Navigation

If the users are not able to find the things, they search for, or if the site is excessively much complicated for a user to find his way here and there, he is bound to leave. Easy navigation and great user experience is fundamental in ecommerce websites.


Infographics means information, which is presented graphically for better understanding by the users. This way you can highlight the content and gain grounds among the latest trends.

Multiple Payment Options

Who does not like an easy way out? There will be a perfect chance of gaining the favor of more users if the visitor is happy and satisfied. Payment getaway and modes should be easy enough to make multiple purchases.

Interesting Fonts

Experimentation was always in. Interesting and creative fonts can make your site unique. However, keep in mind, which making the sites eye grabbing will lead to better popularity and sales. This is mainly the work of designers more than PHP programmers.

Large Fonts

Only making the fonts creative would not be enough, making them easily visible to eyes is also an important point. There is no limitation of fonts in the present times, but understanding the conditions, which will help you attract more users, is definitely obligatory.

Flat Design

An easy way to attract more viewers is by letting the site speak for itself. ‘Simplicity can even kill the beast’, and thus flat deign is here to rule. Unnecessary cluttering of the web pages is never recommended. Briefly, keep it short and simple to win the game.

Image Related Videos

We are largely familiar that video content is replacing text content quite a bit for now. Besides that, providing product related video contents, displaying the products to your viewers in a graphical manner are essential.

24/ 7 Online Customer Service

What can be better if customer services are available all round- the- clock? Offering 24 hours online help can yield better result both in profit and business aspects. Supposedly, setting up an online chat to clear any kind of doubt that the customer might have will be highly appreciated from the client’s end.

Social Media Networking

A major portion of visitors may arrive through the social media sites like Facebook. Linked In, Twitter and Google +etc. clubbing in social media sites can increase the exposure, which in turn will bring better sales.

We found a really interesting info-graphic, that summarizes the web design trends in a really innovative and beautiful way – Web design trends.

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