Top 10 iPhone Apps Spying On You

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Cell Phone Spy App for iPhone
Can you spy on an iPhone? We have a roundup of iPhone apps that spy on you. These apps may be used by parents to track the activity of kids on iPhone.

Many employers may also want to use these apps to enforce the ethical and proper use of iPhone devices by employees. Below iPhone tracking apps can be really useful when the device is being handed over to someone else.

The modern age requires one to always be on their toes- -and one way or the other our data must be kept safe. The data in question is no longer the data that can only be beneficial to scientists or top secret agencies- -the data regarding user’s lives, even information as simple as their favorite brand of ice cream is highly relevant. All of our lives are being recorded on our digital devices such as smartphones and tablets without us realizing its impact. In our naivety, we may assume that all of this is useless information but the truth is there is a multitude of security issues tied into our online activities.

Our cyber identities, and their protection are now as crucial to our lives as our national ones. This stands true for all, whether you are a soccer mom or student, cyber identity theft can harm you in more ways than one. The same is even truer for employers. Making sure that one’s employees are not misusing any office technology is essential to maintain a flourishing office. And ensuring that company resources are not being misused is hardly a task that can be completed manually by managers or employers.

Modern times have a more technological solution to the problem. And since the office is fused with technology, it’s no surprise that employees would have smartphones on them at all times, either a company issued or a result of the BYOD trend. For employees who use iPhones to work, here are the ten best employee monitoring apps for employers to make use of.

The iPhone Apps to Get Started With

IPhone Spy App

Equipped with a huge arsenal of robust monitoring tools, the StealthMate iPhone spy app is perfectly suited for the needs of cautious employers and concerned parents. Its wide range of capabilities includes everything from keeping tabs on calls, SMS, emails and online activity to logging pictures, tracking phone location and monitoring WhatsApp conversations. This, of course, is only a snapshot of its capabilities. StealthMate allows remote monitoring of the phone through an online dashboard accessible from anywhere. It ranks high on user-friendliness, with a simple installation process along with easy configuration. All in all, it’s a great app for those seeking value for money.


This program is great for remote monitoring and employers can avail the various features it has to offer. It comes with various advanced tracking features that make it worth it. All activity logs are encrypted and will be full confidential so no employee data is compromised.


This employee monitoring app for iPhone is a bit more expensive than other options out there, costing around $150 and offers two versions; FlexiSpy Omni and FlexiSpy Lite. Employers can choose the version better suited to their needs. FlexiSpy also allows users to listen in to live phone calls which are a plus point when it comes to employees who interact with customers.


The app for iPhone is easy to install, comes with great 24-hour support and is also compatible with Mac systems. If employers wish to monitor the entire ecosystem of an employer then this is a good choice.


With this program, almost all basic features of employee monitoring can be met and easily dealt with. You can also listen in on phone calls though admittedly the software is slightly more expensive costing around 150 bucks.

Mobile Spy

If you are looking for a cheap solution, then at 50 bucks Mobile Spy might be the answer to your employee monitoring problems. All basics are covered and users can avail it to remotely lock and control the iPhone too.

Spy Phone Tap

This program can be used to monitor employee messages as well as employee calls. Employers can directly receive duplicate messages of texts that are sent and can listen in on live calls as well.


This program is a fundamental tool for complete employee monitoring, ranging from screenshot capture to phone call spy. The price is midrange and performance is good.

Highster Mobile

This employee monitoring software is more basic as compared to other options but has good reporting, the 24-hour support including live chat and is very easy to install. For some employers, it may be the perfect way to monitor an iPhone.


If you are looking for an iPhone spy app on a budget, there isn’t anything better than XNSPY. It offers affordable subscription plans that start at $8.33/month. The app has tons of premium features that make it a great value for your money. Record calls, track GPS location, geofence or send remote commands to the monitored device using XNSPY’s customized online dashboard.

Check out a detailed review here:


This program will cost about 50 bucks, which is the cheapest you’ll find that has all the features necessary to truly track an employee. This program also works on iPads and comes with continuous updates. It’s easy to install and use and can record calls too.

The Apps and Advantages

Hopefully, these apps will be enough to get you assessing what the needs of your company and business are along with your budget and how much you can invest in such software. But thankfully there is an entire spectrum of availability of reasonable employee monitoring software to choose from. For small offices, software with basic functions would be enough whereas, for more detailed monitoring, software offering more advanced features such as spy call would be more suitable.

At the end of the day, installing employee monitoring apps on iPhones of workers will do more good for your company than harm. For starters, employees will know that they are being monitored and will curb extra activity such as wasting time on games, social media sites and conversations with their contacts. This means that the overall efficiency of the office will see an increase and workers will actually start meeting deadlines.

Further, office mishaps involving other employees, clients, and outsiders will be controlled. Employees will restrict themselves from abusing their colleagues as now everything is monitored, clients will be dealt with more professionally and the chances of company information being leaked out from right under your nose would also diminish. More importantly, companies and businesses can protect themselves from legal problems such as litigation and so on. Having all employee activity archived would mean protecting themselves from any false claims, made by employees themselves or external bodies.

In conclusion, as iPhones are quickly becoming the smartphone choice for enterprises, it would do your company or business well to invest in some iPhone monitoring software. A myriad of apps are available that suit your needs and are simple to use too. Start researching your options further and then take the plunge!

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