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Almost all people who have ever had a chance to make presentations know about the PowerPoint software, but many people do not know that there are a lot of different programs. We found out that most of you need software that allows you to create presentations using various tools. That’s why in this article we describe 10 more programs that can help you create an “all in one” presentation and meet all your requirements.

Among a wide variety of PowerPoint alternatives, there are programs that have their pluses and drawbacks. Let’s look in more detail some software that can be useful for each presentation creator, or simply those that are good enough to exist and be used.

1. Knowledge Vision

 Knowledge Vision

Knowledge Vision has relatively recently appeared in the customized services segment. The program has a fairly large set of tools needed to create presentations. Here, a huge number of different instruments are assembled together; there is also the possibility of creating video clips.


The program has a complete set of all the necessary tools; has a cloud system, analytics; Available online


To use the program it is necessary to understand and learn a huge number of tools


Digital companies; Business; Producers

2. Kineticast


The software is perfect for B2B business, has an excellent set of tools that allows you to create high-quality presentation and marketing advertising to improve sales. The program allows not only to create presentations but also to send them to a certain list of contacts with further tracking of the results.


Allows you to professionally increase sales for salespeople


It was not intended as a program for creating a personalized presentation, so it does not have such a function


B2B salespeople; marketers

3. Keynote


This Apple Company’s software is an alternative to PowerPoint. It is one of the most used programs, which allows you to create a customizable presentation. By default, the program has about thirty themes, as well as stock photos (edited by professional photo editing studios such as Photza and others) that the presentation creator can use.


This program is cost-effective; similar to PowerPoint; allows you to create animations


Supported only by iOS devices; does not have a slide library


Personal usage; business

4. SlideDog


This software allows you to create a slideshow using documents, photos, and videos, as well as presentations, placing them in a different order, with the absolutely smooth transition from one to the other. Allows you to download any type of file, and also to use the obtained result in another program for presentations.


Smooth transition from file to file; you can share with users of various devices; there is a free version


Does not allow to create presentations, just slideshows


Speakers who need to submit a large number of different documents

5. Prezi


This is the very first and main competitor of PowerPoint with many years of experience. To create the effect of the new slide, this software uses the Zoom technology and the transition to a new space. The program allows you to create beautiful effects and stylish presentations. In order to make the most attractive presentations, the program uses the concept of pathway points. There are 2 versions of Prezi – personal, as well as a version for business.


Available on several devices; you can share with colleagues; easy to learn and can be used by any user; affordable price; works offline


Very recognizable, all presentations look like presentations of Prezi


Speakers, teachers, students, various organizations.

Business version – for companies of small and medium size

6. Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker

This is free video editing software from Microsoft. Allows you to edit existing videos, as well as create new ones, with the possibility of publishing them in popular social media – YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, and One Drive


It is a free program, very easy to use even for beginners. You can create an excellent slide show of photos for individual use


The program offers one video track; sometimes it can crash; has a large number of incompatible versions.



7. Projeqt


The program allows you to create beautiful and creative stories using the content of YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, Twitter and other social networks, which is stored on a personal computer.


Free software that makes it easy to create stylish presentations which look professional enough


A small number of variations for the layout


Creativity field; students

8. Preseria


This software is an excellent solution for conferences – there is everything for those who create presentations and organize conferences. It is perfect for large conferences with a large number of speakers.


Easily share; helps organize content


There is no way to create custom presentations


Leaders of conferences, events

9. GoAnimate


This is software for video presentations. It allows you to create professional videos, as well as animation without video producers. It is integrated with applications that are ideal for small video companies.


Perfect for video; low price; compatible with other applications


Suitable only for video, however it is more a feature than a flaw


Digital companies, video producers, business

10.Articulate Presenter

Articulate Presenter

This program is a supplement to PowerPoint. It allows you to do the same things as PowerPoint, but its capabilities are enhanced by a number of additional features – polling, narration, and other interactive features.


Improves and supplements the PowerPoint capabilities; is easily synchronized in animation; users friendly


Takes too long to publish the content


Personal use, teachers

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