10 Best Free Android Photo Editing & Sharing Apps

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Android Photo Editing & Sharing Apps

With the advent of mobile phones equipped with miniature cameras, the art of photography has now been made available to the masses. Now, taking photographs has become very simple as one need to just click with his or her mobile phone and take a picture.

Thus, with trend of clicking pictures with mobile gadgets having gone viral, a plethora of free photo editing and sharing apps for android devices is now available online. Today, the problem is now which app to select for one’s personal use!
Not all people are great pros at taking photographs. At the other end, even pros would like a host of tools to edit their pictures to prove their professionalism in the market. This article documents ten (10) best free photo editing and sharing apps for android phones:


This app is certainly one of the most popular apps on the Android Market. As a one-stop app, it consists of a photo-editor, drawing tool, photo grid, collage maker, and much more. With several options available for photo manipulations as well as a wide variety of effects, masks, borders, text tools, clipart graphics, frames, enhancement tools and more, this app can provide you with a perfect way to unleash their creativity. Additionally, PicsArt has its own social networking service, which allows you to share images as well. In order to get rid of the ads, you will need to get rid of the ads and download various stickers, so that you can insert them in your pictures.


Yet another great photo editing app is Snapseed, which is created by Nik Software Inc., a popular plugins manufacturer for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. This app allows you to enhance as well as transform photos using incredibly enhanced features such as autocorrect, selective adjust, as well as tune image features.
With just a single tap, the auto correct feature enhances colors, exposure, as well as contrast. Additionally, with the selective adjust feature, users are able to highlight and focus specific objects as well as areas.
Moreover, the tune image feature tweaks brightness, shadows, white balance, saturation, as well as other effects. Users can also avail of other features such as frames, texture and tone adjustment, sharing via email, and more. Now that Snapseed has been acquired by Google, it is now free of charge and also been integrated with Google+.

Camera Zoom Fx

This Android App is definitely a user favorite and is surely a must-have device on any camera app. This is true even if your default camera app is powerful. The Camera Zoom FX is packed with a wide range of features that helps you take better pictures. Included also are several updates along with built in sharing features.

You can also add filters, color effects, frames, as well as borders to your photo. Additional elements include light image editing features as well. Camera Zoom FX also allows you to download free effect packs including filter, frame, or other effects from Google Play, which can be plugged in to the app.


If you are interested on an app that does just the basic editing work along with a few extra perks that produce interesting features, then this app is for you. You can add various effects, or distort the image through various image commands under their respective menus. You can also add word balloons, titles, and stickers along with customizable fonts and colors, with the ability to arrange them anywhere on the photos.


Pixlr-o-matic is a brilliant option as a free photo editing app, as this has great filters with dozens of options. These filters are arranged based on three categories such as photo filters, light filters as well as photo frames. However, there is only one drawback with the application, which is that you are to unable to apply multiple filers at a time for each category. However, this is worth the trouble, as this does not have any ads whatsoever.


Retrica is a cool android app that comes with many retro filters, which makes picture taken with an android phone look like pictures from a family album. Included are 18 high-quality image filters that apply various effects such as black-and-white, retro, as well as faded effects directly to images as users capture them with their phones This app is free with ads and image watermarks. A pro upgrade is available that removes more filters as well as removes ads.

VSCO Cam (iPhone, Android)

This was a paid app, but it went free last year. This is one of the best photo apps for Android in case you are looking for advanced controls. VSCO cam offers a number of filters, some of which are free, but others are paid. However, this should not deter you from buying this app. Some of the editing tools include brightness, contrast, saturation, tint, crop, shadows, highlights, sharpness, and others, which are enough for professional uses.


Aviary is a powerful photo editor that edits photos without any fuss. The editor is free to download, although it offers in app purchases. It consists of all the tools that are necessary for photo editing. The intuitive interface makes it easy to edit photos, such as one tap auto enhance along with brilliant photo effects and frames.
Also provided are fun stickers and other advanced tools such as color balance, crop, rotate and straighten photo, adjust brightness contrast, color temperature as well as saturation. Tools such as sharpen and blur and color splash, are also useful for various effects. Also included are focus, draw and add text, meme creation, and cosmetic tools that removes blemishes, whiten teeth, and fix redeye.


This is one of the world’s most popular communities. Besides, it is a fast and a hassle free photo editing app. Its filters are adequate for most people, but it’s not really meant for power users.

Pixlr Express (Android, IOS)

This is autodesk’s photo-editing app, which is quite useful when users want to remove unwanted spots or marks from photos. This is a good app for image correction. Pixlr Express has easy to use tools, which could help you touch up images quickly. It has enough tools such as pencil, sketch, poster, half tone, among others.

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