As the remote work trend accelerates, keeping corporate secure servers accessible yet protected is essential. TSplus Advanced Security delivers robust cybersecurity for Windows servers with an all-in-one solution. 

It comprehensively secures remote access infrastructure against modern threats through features like Homeland Protection, Brute Force Defender and Ransomware Protection. 

When paired with TSplus Remote Access, administrators gain complete control over which users connect from where and when coupled with powerful protection blocking over 368 million known hacker IP addresses.

What is TSplus Advanced Security?

TSplus Advanced Security is a robust cybersecurity software that protects Windows servers and remote access infrastructure. 

It provides 360-degree protection against modern threats like ransomware, brute force attacks and malware. Key features include Homeland Protection to restrict access by country, Brute Force Defender to block login attempts, and Ransomware Protection to detect and prevent infections. 

When paired with TSplus Remote Access, admins can securely manage remote connections and work resources across distributed teams. Its comprehensive security toolbox safeguards remote servers cost-effectively.

How Does it Work?

 TSplus Advanced Security functions through straightforward installation and management. Admins download and install the software on Windows servers needing protection. The admin console also provides real-time monitoring of security events and the status of protection measures. Logs automatically refresh to keep admins informed. 

When combined with TSplus Remote Access, additional controls are gained to define user access based on location, time, group or device. This centralized visibility and customization level empowers admins to efficiently lock down infrastructure while supporting remote team connectivity and productivity.

Why TSplus Advanced Security?

Here are some benefits you need to know:

  • Secure your Remote Work infrastructure.

With more employees working remotely, your servers face increased risk if they are properly safeguarded. TSplus Advanced Security shields these remote access points from modern cyberattacks through a unified security toolkit that facilitates distributed productivity through remote user management.

  • Fine-tune security to your needs

TSplus enables administrators to customize each layer of protection precisely for their environment through an intuitive admin console. Easily configure features such as network restrictions by country, device approval, and working hours to dictate how and when remote staff connect securely.

  • Maximize security. Minimize cost.

As a one-time purchase with no ongoing fees or subscriptions, TSplus Advanced Security delivers around-the-clock protection affordably. Its perpetual licenses also ensure long-term value for budgets compared to temporally licensed alternatives that require periodic renewal payments over time.

Key Features

Here are some features you need to know:

  • Homeland Protection

Restrict where users connect by defining allowed countries and networks. Administrators enhance security by whitelisting specific IP addresses with server access while excluding risks from unknown locations.

  • Brute Force Defender

Block automated login attempts from password-cracking programs. This feature prevents hackers and scanners from repeatedly trying standard credentials combinations to exploit servers. Access is locked if too many failed attempts occur.

  • Global IP Management

Centrally manage IP block and allowlists streamlined for simplified oversight. Blocked and approved addresses are visible together for quick reference and control over individual IPs or entire blocks/ranges.

  • Working Hours

Tailor availability around work schedules. Limit times employees connect remotely, such as regular business days and hours only. After-hours access is thus revoked for added control and potential compliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which edition is included in the free trial?

The free trial allows you to fully use the Ultimate Edition of TSplus Advanced Security for 15 days before purchase.

Are the licenses permanent?

Yes, TSplus offers permanent licenses for their software. You can use Advanced Security indefinitely without worrying about subscriptions or renewals.

Can I get support to deploy my TSplus software?

Yes, support is available to help with deploying TSplus products. Their knowledge base, guides and staff can assist if needed.

How to get certified for TSplus Advanced Security?

Complete the online Advanced Security course through the TSplus Academy to obtain your official certification in their cybersecurity solution.

Can I talk to the TSplus sales team?

Of course, the sales team can discuss any unique requirements you have. Contact them through the website for assistance.

Can I become a partner?

Yes, working with TSplus as a partner allows you to offer their security software to your clients as part of your service offerings.


Choosing a complete yet cost-effective security platform is critical as businesses adapt to remote and hybrid work models. 

TSplus Advanced Security provides administrators with extensive tools to manage permissions and lock down servers while supporting a distributed workforce. 

Its comprehensive capabilities and 24/7 updates ensure robust protection without compromising usability or the bottom line. By maximizing both security and accessibility, TSplus is ideal for organizations seeking to empower remote operations securely and seamlessly.

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