Create Customer Loyalty Through Outstanding Online Order Packaging

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Create Customer Loyalty Through Outstanding Online Order Packaging

More than 2 billion people shop online today, which means they’re used to getting packages delivered to their doorstep — and numbers are expected to only grow in the coming months and years.

Tapping into this audience only makes sense, especially if you think strategically about your packaging. Why? In today’s exploding world of e-commerce, online order packaging offers a great opportunity. By making the most of it through creative design, savvy marketing and thoughtful little touches, you may be able to enhance customer loyalty and build your brand, all while growing your business and its revenue.

Why Custom Packaging Matters

The fact is, your existing customers are some of your greatest business assets. Research shows acquiring new customers is always far harder and more expensive than retaining customers. More than that, if those customers are happy, they can easily drive word-of-mouth referrals that grow your business naturally.

Packaging is one way to solidify ties with customers. Your deliveries are more than completed orders; they’re a chance to wow and delight your audience in a way that engenders warm feelings of trust and happiness with your brand. In other words, when you use packaging to differentiate from the competition and delight your clients, it’s a smart decision for your bottom line.

Standout Ideas for Packaging

There are lots of ways to make your packaging stand out to customers, from custom-branded boxes to handwritten, personal thank you notes. You could include a small bonus gift to give your customers a happy surprise that they connect with orders from you.

You could also use the package as an opportunity to cross-promote other products or include a coupon to encourage repeat purchases. Businesses that invest in packaging will often see a direct increase in interest from consumers as a result.

When it comes to product packaging, a little strategy and creativity go a long way — especially in terms of encouraging stronger customer connections and more repeat purchases. For more information on how online order packaging can foster customer loyalty, take a look at the complimentary resource.

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