Top Angular Open Source Projects

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Top Angular Open Source Projects

Angular is a trendy, robust web framework chiefly utilized in the creation of single-page apps or SPA for short. It assists software engineers in making scalable web apps that can manage high loads. Angular was launched in the year 2013 and is operated by the Angular development team.

Packed with an array of valuable components and features, Angular allows programmers to automate the procedure of developing software products at the same time boosting end quality. This also assists them in making sure consistency in all devices and platforms like laptops, tablets, mobile phones, etc.

Below are the top and most popular open-source Angular projects that will allow you to automate development and design, boost team productivity, and faster start genuinely remarkable products.
Story Book

This is considered a great open-source Angular project, which allows you to create user interface parts for React.js, Angular as well as Vue. It also supports react Native, a popular cross framework, which has been included recently. Utilizing Angular –CLI, you are able to make software or program from scratch, keep current projects as well as run many units, and do other tests.


Akveo launched this, and this is a reliable web dashboard template with a component-based framework. You can use it for free, and based on Bootstrap 4+, Angular 8+ as well as another amazing product made by the company.

What is more, NGX-admin provides Eva Design System support that assists developers and designers in developing apps as fast as possible that offer a remarkable user-experience. At this point, it is considered a renowned Angular open source project all over the world.

This project has many valuable features, including tables, maps, Angular WYSIWYG Editors, charts, responsive layout, and a lot more.

Angular Material

This is also a very popular open-source project that offers user interface professionals an array of style components that allow you to develop really remarkable products. A vital perk is that developers can reuse the components easily in various applications that make the process of development faster. This open-source project has thorough documentation. It is perfect for making cross-platform solutions.

Reactive Database

This is considered one recognizable open source project for Angular. It’s a NoSQL database intended for JD-based applications, including websites, hybrid solutions, PWAs or progressive web apps, electron applications, and a lot more.

Helping designers develop app or programs faster, this open-source project also enables them to keep vast numbers of clients’ and users’ data safe and sound with an encryption module. Once an online product is hacked, intruders would not access vital information. This also allows engineers to boost performance and enable real-time duplication with any endpoint, which obeys CouchDB.

Starter Kits

A popular Angular open source project acts as a starter for those who wish to know Angular and TypeScript. This uses Webpack 4 for making files as well as provides Angular examples to try with making web apps. This tool offers designers with Karma and Jasmine to audit the code. It has Protector to try, software, and other valuable things.


Ng-Bootstrap is a preferred open source project as it offers developers and designers widgets. It doesn’t have dependencies on 3rd party Javascript. This also allows assistance for the same browsers which Bootstrap 4 and Angular frameworks support. To install a new project, it is advisable to utilize Angular CLI.

Awesome Angular

Awesome Angular, as the name suggests, is the coolest open-source project that has an impressive list of design, code samples as well as 3rd party components, style guides, modules, repositories, video tutorials, and lots of other essential tools and information to assists developers build and use superior web application.


Another remarkable open-source project made by Akveo, this one represents UI library based on Eva design System that can be personalized easily according to the needs of your business. This offers a wide array of modules for creating modern easy to use web apps. This provides many cool features like 4 visual themes, 40 UI components, security and authentication layers, and a whole lot more.


Angular offers an abundant developer environment, which takes account of different tools, documentation, UI components, as well as other amazing things. With the use of Angular framework as well as Angular open-source projects mentioned above, you will make working processes faster and simultaneously increase the efficiency of the team and create, experiment, and organize applications more quickly.

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