Smart Ways to Attract More People to Your New Site

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Getting more visitors to a website is one of those huge challenges that can be approached in a number of different ways. If you are looking to get a new site off to a strong start, then take a look at the following ideas for boosting your visitor numbers.

Offer Promotions and Bonuses

People love to see the chance to get something for nothing, and this can encourage them to check out a new site. Free newsletters and e-books have long been used in this respect, but they tend to be better at retaining existing visitors than attracting new ones.

A more eye-catching approach would be to offer some sort of promotion or bonus that gives people a chance to genuinely save money by visiting you. This is something that is carried out in different markets and that has been shown to have a positive effect.

Free delivery, a decent discount, or a trial period are all ways to tempt more people to give you a try. Take a look at Netflix, who regularly change their deals. While they have removed their 30-day free trial offer, they started new offers like one month free or 50% off for two months late in 2020.

Another company that makes good use of promotions is Amazon. Despite already being the biggest online retailer on the planet, they have a variety of coupon codes and deals on the go at any time. It can be an easy decision to use a certain site when you know that there is a good chance of getting a special deal.

This technique can also be applied to just about any other niche or industry. For example, we can see that bonuses are offered to newcomers to forex trading. These include a bonus that is paid when the first deposit is made to a new account, while another is activated without any deposit being needed. Account transfer bonuses encourage existing traders to switch to a new broker.

Write Interesting Content Rather Than Just Focussing on SEO

One of the first tasks to carry out on a freshly-launched site is the writing of SEO-friendly content. While no-one can be completely certain of the current Google algorithms, you will find plenty of advice online about how to find the right keywords and use them effectively.

Yet, this is only half the story. Someone browsing the internet may find your site more easily because of solid use of keywords, but will they be interested enough to open your site once they see you on the results page?

It is important to remember that the content needs to be attractive for human readers as well as for the Google bots. You will want to use attractive titles and meta descriptions to entice people to choose you over the other results that their search has brought up.

In fact, some SEO experts will tell you that the key is to write a comprehensive article that naturally covers all of the main areas, rather than focussing on picking out specific keywords. Either way, you will want to imagine a real person reading the content as you create it.

Use the Right Social Media Platform for the Niche

Social media offers a great way of hooking up with the people who are most likely to be interested in what your site offers. Among the brands that have an excellent social media strategy are Boohoo, Greggs, and GoPro.

All of those brands offer completely different things and have unique customer bases, meaning that they need to adopt a tone that suits the people they are looking to appeal to. Even more importantly, every brand needs to use the social media platforms that best suit them.

Instagram is commonly stated as being the best medium for retail sites. This lets retailers post great images of their products with links going directly to the page where they can be bought. YouTube is popular in several niches, such as health, fitness, and interior design. The video format gives content producers more scope to explain what they offer with a high level of detail.

Facebook is a good choice for many types of business, due to its huge number of users and the fact that targeted advertising is possible. However, it does take a fair bit of time to reply to comments and it may require a larger budget than you are prepared to use.

Use Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is something that can be done in a couple of different ways, to help you to produce more site traffic. The first one is to publish blogs from guest writers on your own site. This could be someone who wants to promote their site, or it could just be someone who has a few interesting things to say.

In either case, you could attract new visitors by adding this fresh content with a different approach. By adding a few categories covering diverse topics, you might be able to find a home for numerous kinds of content that bring you more visitors than before.

An alternative approach is to write content that goes on someone else’s site with a link back to your own site. This is a technique that is often used to boost search engine rankings, but it could also allow more people to find your site simply because they like what they see and follow the link.

By trying a variety of these methods, you will be giving your website a better chance of success in the long run. After all, the more visitors you can attract in different ways the better it is for business.

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