Advice for Computer Science Students

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Advice for Computer Science Students

The technology is ubiquitous and became interwoven with our daily lives. Nowadays, most people use digital devices for communication, business, work, recreational purposes, and more. If you embrace the world of technology and are interested in changing it for the better, you should consider taking a computer science course.

However, this degree is not just merely focusing on software, applications, sites, or machines. It involves engineering, math, a theory of technology and loads of homework. Some students may find particular courses difficult, austere, and boring, but if you’re passionate about all things tech, you should challenge yourself. To have a bit more information before making a decision, check out these tips.

1. Don’t Jump on the Bandwagon

Do not push yourself into a situation just because “everybody else is doing it”. Let’s say your friend wants to take a computer science degree and you decided to do the same because you two are buddies and wouldn’t it be great fun to hang out in the same dorm. It is better to assess your strengths and weaknesses first before deciding about something as important as college. Figure out what you want to do and which courses suit you better.

If you are hesitant, ask your parents, friends, and relatives about your strengths. Sometimes they see it better from outside. Do online research, ask around on forums. What were the motivations of the students who took the course? Did they have any regrets?

Anyway, it never hurts to plan and let your parents a heads-up, so your family can assess what you can afford and whether you qualify for a scholarship. If not, make sure to look for some alternatives such as part-time work.

2. Are You Good at Math?

As a basic requirement of this degree, you should have some Mathematical skills to pursue it. In dealing with programming, coding, and conceptualizing technicalities, you must have the mathematician’s mindset to make this work.

For instance, software engineers rely on discrete math and algorithms to work on the efficiency and complexity of the software. Computer engineers use mathematical concepts and automata theories to design the circuitry and program the machines.

Even game developers use math heavily. Graphic artists base their 3D-animations on math principles to come up with graphics that can be rendered by existing processors and graphic cards. Game designers use math to balance their games and make the difficulty level optimal.

Therefore, whichever career path you intend to take after college, pursuing a computer science course means you should know your Math.

3. What About Writing?

Aside from being good at math, you should also have sufficient writing fluency. Any college degree will require you to work on your writing skills because that’s one of the business basics. As a programmer, you will need to generate reports for the company and requirements specifications for your teammates. To be fluent in business and technical writing, you should exercise and improve while you are in college.

Moreover, do not be afraid to ask help from the writing experts in case you need some help with writing a paper. There are various freelancers, writing agencies, tutors, and professionals that you can consult.

4. Do Not Procrastinate

Agree, this is sound advice for anyone, but for computer science students it is particularly important. The amount of data you will have to learn for tests or for competent application during workshops is simply impossible to cram in one night. Bite-sized chunks of information regularly – that’s the only way with STEM subjects.

It is better to consult older students or graduates who studied the course for tips about main focus points. You can also look up a copy of the exam sheets from previous years in your library. In this way, you will know what to expect from the course.

5. Avoid Last-Minute Work

There is no room for the last-minute rush in computer science. You cannot finish a software project overnight. If you stay up late to complete your task, your head will not work as efficiently as it should. And believe me, your coding will not work.

You should start your coding projects as soon as possible. In this way, you will be able to test and run the program properly. You will be able to observe and note what necessary procedures and programming codes to add, remove, or alter. You will have ample time to make it run smoothly and efficiently.

6. Socialize with Your Peers

In the real world, you will need social skills to work together with your co-workers. That’s why as early as today, you should practice networking and teamwork.

Take time to mingle with your classmates. In this way, you will have peers to ask for help, consult, or organize a study group. You will be able to exchange knowledge on various subjects and make learning more efficient.

Be a team player and consider the ideas of others. There are times when a solution comes out of nowhere, as serendipity. Don’t waste your chances, consider and apply ideas your friends suggested. Also, working as a group, you will be able to divide the task and finish it on time.

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