5 DIY Laptop Repair Tips

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5 DIY Laptop Repair Tips

When you purchase a car, your parents always make sure that you know how to change a tire and do minor repairs. It is a similar case for your laptop.

Whether you purchase your laptop for business or pleasure, one aspect you need to master is to learn how to make a minor laptop repair and save your time and money.

Although some issues require the administration of a computer technician, there are a number of issues you can resolve yourself such as removing a malicious malware or tuning-up your computer.

The key focus of this guide is to assist you in resolving simple computer problems that may cost you hundreds of dollars.

Remove Viruses And Malware

With a 24/7 internet connection, computer malware has become a big risk factor that affects the performance and sometimes, may destroy your entire data. However, since this is a common phenomenon, you do not need to call your technician and pay him for resolution of the problem.

All you need to do is to check the internet for good anti-virus software and activate it on your laptop.

There are many types of anti-virus software in the market and you can consult your colleagues and friends for the best choice. If the computer infection is severe, you need to format the hard disk and reinstall your OS. Before taking this step, you need to backup your files to an external drive, DVD or a flash drive.

Format And Re-install The Operating System

If your computer has become sluggish over time and you want to call your computer technician, first follow this course of action.

If the performance of your computer has been bogged down due to a clutter of unnecessary bloatware (programs) and startup programs, the best way to increase the speed is to format the hard drive and reinstall OS system. However, before doing that, back-up and save all your data and files to an external drive.

After that, search Youtube and note down the steps on how to format and reinstall an OS. Then, you can pick out your Operating System Installation CD and format the drive. The whole process takes about an hour and your laptop will get a fresh start.

Remove Included Bloatware

If you have just purchased your laptop or have reset it to factory default state, you will find a number of extraneous software that you are never going to use.

Not only it occupies precious space you need, but it also remains the main reason behind the slow performance, particularly during the computer startup process that wastes your precious time. Hence, your smartest move is to identify and remove bloatware yourself rather than consulting a technician.

You can use three methods for this purpose; they are as follows – The first method is to use a program such as PC Decrapfier. The main work of this program is to scan the computer for bloatware and uninstall these programs automatically.

The second method for removing bloatware is very easy. All you need is open the program Control Panel and uninstall every program you hardly use and consider bloatware, one-by-one manually. However, ensure that you do not touch any hardware drivers in the process.

The third and final method of removing bloatware is to format and re-install the OS. As a rule of the thumb, back-up all your files before you format the computer. After that, you can re-install the OS and install the software you actually use one by one.

RAM Upgrade

RAM Upgrade to fix slow laptop is the  best and cheapest way

There are many reasons why the computer becomes slow and one of the best reasons is a low amount of RAM. As operating systems and programs get heavier, the demand for RAm gets bigger. For Windows 10, 4 GB of RAM is a bare minimum, whereas earlier, 1 GB of RAM could easily run a Windows XP OS. Whenever you see a sluggish performance and slow loading times of programs, the culprit is generally low RAM.

The best solution to this predicament is adding more RAM modules to your laptop. Once again, Youtube will help you in fixing a RAM on the motherboard of your laptop.

Although for laptops, the process is tougher than a desktop, if you carefully note down the steps from Youtube, it will be a breeze.

Recover Deleted Files

One of the major issues that laptop owners encounter is recovering accidentally deleted files that are very important for work. This sometimes happens if multiple users access a computer.

Rather than calling the computer technician, you can go online where you can get a lot of online data recovery software for an easy recovery for the deleted files. Download and install to resolve the issue, it’s that simple.

We live in a world where we need to be mobile and remain connected to the net all the time. Since laptops move around with their owners and are subject to rough usage, wear and tear, as well as cyber attacks, laptop issues will crop up more often than not, regardless of how gently laptop owners try using them.

Calling a computer technician not only proves expensive financially, but you also have to endure a lot of delays. With some simple DIY tips, you can resolve small issues yourself and save time and money.

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