15 Tips & Tricks to Get More Out of iCloud

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Tips & Tricks to Get More Out of iCloud

For a single business deal, you have piles of documents to work on. You need to access them whenever and wherever, but you can’t exactly carry a laptop around all the time.

Apple’s iCloud is the answer. It’s a service that keeps all your files in sync between devices. Whenever you update an important document on your laptop, it will show up with its latest version on your tablet and phone, too.

This system is pretty easy to comprehend by intuition, just like the iOS in general. However, we’re rarely using its full potential. Do you want to learn how to get the most out of it?

Activate It!

When you get a new iOS device and you want to access iCloud from it, make sure the service is activated.

Choose What to Sync

iCloud will store practically everything you create on the connected devices. In the Settings of your iOS devices, you can choose the type of information you want to sync.

If you want to keep iCloud simpler for business purposes, you might want to use it just for your reminders, calendars, contacts, and documents.

Keep the Account Safe

The two-factor authentication for your Apple ID will give you a piece of mind. If someone is trying to access your documents from another device, they would have to enter your password and a six-digit verification code.

Get Rid of Things You Don’t Need

If you’re running low on storage, you have to manage the files you keep on the cloud. You can do that by managing storage in the settings.

Get More Storage

You get 5GB for free with iCloud. When you run out of storage, however, you can get more. You can choose from a total of 50GB, 200GB, or 2TB. The plans are pretty affordable, so it’s an investment you can definitely make for your business.

Make It Similar to Dropbox

You like using Dropbox for syncing your document? You can make iCloud very similar to that system; you just have to turn on Documents & Data in the iCloud preferences. Then, go to the Finder and tap Command+Shift+G. You’ll get a dialogue box, where you should type ~/Library. Scroll down to find the Mobile Documents section. There, you can drop the files and folders you want to sync.

Back It Up Manually

You need an Internet connection for the iCloud to function. If your device hasn’t been connected for a while, you need to do a manual backup.

Remember the Limit to File Size

If a file is larger than 15GB, iCloud won’t save it in the storage space. So if you just ordered a huge business presentation from AssignmentMasters and it includes slides, videos, text, and HQ images, you better make sure it fits. If not, you’ll have to save it elsewhere.

Keep Up with the Storage

Whenever you’re working on an important and large document, check to see if you have enough storage for it. If not, buy more storage.

Enable the Activation Lock

We’re not just talking about vacation photos here. When you’re using iCloud for business purposes, you have extremely important information there. If someone steals your device, you have to go to your iCloud from any web browser. Then, go to Find My Phone, and re-enter your Apple password. You’ll find the device you want to remove from this account in All devices.

Use Powerful Passwords

Creating new passwords for iCloud can be nerve-wracking. But you have to freshen them up from time to time. You can use this password generator app from us.  iCloud Keychain can also will give you suggestions you can use.

Don’t Share with the Family

Again, we’re not talking about family vacation photos. iCloud allows you to make files available for the entire family, and you don’t want to play with that method.

Get Rid of Old Backups

To free up storage, delete old iCloud backups. Just go to Manage Storage, tap Backup, and choose the device you want to delete.

Sync the Reading List

When you’re reading an important article in Safari, but you have no time to finish it, you can start from the same place if you use iCloud. Just get your settings right: check Safari in System Preferences.

Use It

The whole point of iCloud is to enable you to work from anywhere. This means an improved organization of files and increased efficiency for you as the business owner.

Get used to iCloud and take advantage of all its greatness!

Cathy Baylis is a writer who believes in the power of words to help people better themselves. For fun she shares littles known facts and stories and for betterment she writes about how to progress in a career, how to develop as a leader and how to motivate/be motivated at work.

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