10 Best Free Luxury Home Automation Android Apps for Geeks

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Aren’t you enjoying the summer? We are loving it. How’s your home automation system doing? Do you still use traditional remote controls or have moved to the mobile app to control the system?

Apps can be a great way to control your smart homes.

Unlike remote controls that work on Bluetooth and Wifi, Apps use the internet to connect to your home automation system, making your smart home devices accessible from any corner of the world.

I have listed some of the best Luxury Home Automation Android Apps available on Play Store. While a few are too technical to be operated by anyone other than a Geek, most are quite simple to use and connect to your smart home.

Savant Pro

Savant Pro 8 is among the best luxury home automation android apps out there. The app lets you view your entire home right from the mobile screen. You can select between your Living Room, Kitchen, Bedroom, bathroom, etc. and control the lighting conditions, music, thermostat’s temperature, what’s playing on your Apple TV, windows shades or whichever Savant compatible appliances is inside the room.

The app even sends you notifications to turn the lights off before going to bed. You can even set the lighting conditions as per your mood. For example, Relax mode dims the lightning in the room while Morning mode opens the shades to make way for natural light.


You can with the touch of the screen can turn off any light in your home or lower its brightness, play music, change thermostat’s temperature, set an alarm, and more. Creston is a flagship home automation system that doesn’t want you settle for anything but the very best. The app is comprehensive, easy-to-use, and intuitive. You can control everything in your home using your touch screens android phone anytime, anywhere as soon as the device is connected to the internet


Control4 can control and view your entire smart home. It can dim or turn on off the lights you want, change thermostats temperature, order security system, rotate CCTVs, lock doors, gather sensors’ data, drain or heat pool, and much more, without having to move from your place.

Is there a song that you can’t get your mind off? You play it over your phone and Control4 will stream it over every speaker (or the one in your room) in your smart home.

SmartThings App

Samsung owns SmartThings and operates it as an independent subsidiary. SmartThings Android app offers better customization than any other home automation app on Play Store.

While grouping smart devices by room is pretty much the norm in Smart Home apps, SmartThings goes an extra step. The app has option of “featured devices”. Featured devices stay on the top of the screen all the time. They save a lot of time of the users, who can now easily switch on-off the lights from the app without having to go through all the smart devices in the room. My Home also provides a view of all of the Things in your home with current

The app, while free to download, requires Control4 4Sight subscription in addition to an active internet connection to work remotely.

Gideon Smart Home

Gideon Smart Home gives you full control of all your smart devices. Gideon Smart Home works Smart devices’ manufacturers to make more and more devices to work with the app.

The app’s UI is not very different from the competition. If you locked your smart door with the app, you share the unlock key with your family and friends in a swipe. The app can manage more than one of your properties. You can automate your daily tasks. For example, you can set Good Night mode when you want to turn off the lights and pause the music.


Harmony Android app on your smartphone and tablet can dim the lights, close the shades, raise the volume, and resume a movie with a touch on your Android’s screen. The app combines your home entertainment system—Smart TVs, audio system, TV Box, and PS—with home automation—lights, locks, shades, climate controllers, and other devices to create different experiences.

The only problem is this that Harmony app requires Harmony remote controls to work


VeraMobile is yet another smart automation app in luxury segment that gives convenience, independence, and peace of mind that every smart homeowner seeks. With the VeraMobile in your Android smartphone, & tablet, you can view and manage your home from the comfort of your home, or while holidaying in The Bahamas

Wink – Smart Home

Wink brings you closer to your home. If you have either of the following smart products: lights, locks, sensors, thermostats, chances are they are already compatible with Wink.

Complimentary services accessible from the app: Home Sitter and Moonlight amplify the abilities of your products to make your home feel more secure.

Like every other Luxury Home Automation mobile App development solution, you can control and view your home from any corner of the world.

Did you or did you not closed your front left for work this morning? You don’t have to worry. Open the app and check it by yourself.

Wink is free to download and doesn’t need a subscription.


The Loxone Smart Home wants you to enter autopilot living. The app takes care of your daily chores and frees up your time to relish life in an intelligent, relaxed, and well-organized home.

Yonomi – Smart Home Automation

Yonomi Android app can interact with your Amazon Echo, Logitech Harmony, Sonos speakers, Philips Hue, LIFX lights, Belkin Wemo, and many more devices.

The app triggers “Routines” so that it can interact with them and make your life easier. For example, Yonomi interacts with Amazon Alexa on Echo to control your home with your voice.

When you wake up, have your Nest Learning Thermostat get the house warm while Sonos announces the temperature and the coffee machine brews the first cup of coffee of the day

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