Importance Of JavaScript and CSS For Websites

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Website design is really tricky business. There are some many things that you need to learn so that you will be able to create the finest of websites. Remember the development of a website will affect not only its performance but its ranking on the search engines. 

The search engines have become ridiculously strict on what they give out to their users as top results on the search engine results pages. The quality of the work done depends on the technical knowhow of the designer. There are such things as JavaScript and CSS that every developer needs to understand.

What Is JavaScript?

Perhaps it would be great to start out with JavaScript. Everyone seems to know about JavaScript regardless of whether you are a developer or just a website user. Errors such as: ‘JavaScript not available for this site’ are not uncommon. However, ask some people what JavaScript and you will be amazed by the responses that they will give you. Some will say that it is that program with a logo that resembles a cup of steaming coffee. Others will give you answers that are completely off.

JavaScript is basically a popular computer programming language that is object-focused. It is mainly used to develop the interactive effects with web browsers. Simply put, JavaScript is mainly of benefit to the user of the internet and not the owner. When JavaScript is enabled on the browser that is when the user gets to enjoy the interactivity that a site has to offer. 

How To Learn JavaScript?

JavaScript can be learned using following resources

What Is CSS?

On the other hand what is CSS? CSS is an abbreviation for Cascading Style Sheet. At the most basic level it is employed by the web pages to help maintain information in the right display format. The CSS files will help in defining the font, its size, color, spacing, borders and location of HTML information on a specific web page. 

It can also be used in creating a continuous look through several pages thus achieving balance. It always helps to have a similar style or look throughout a website. This makes it possible for people to understand your site more easily.
You may also want to check best CSS tools that are used by experienced web developers and designers.

What Is CMS?

A CMS (content management system) is a platform on which websites are built. They include the likes of WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Blogger and so forth. They are used for blogging and website development but then the computer programming language has to be applied here as well. A CMS like WordPress which is the most popular of them all uses JavaScript, CSS and HTML. These languages enable the platform to create an infrastructure for such added functionality.

HTML and CSS are the foundations of just about all sites. JavaScript can add extra functionality but as aforementioned it is all on the client’s side. You can build a site that is very good in terms of quality and all but in order to increase interactivity then you will need more. For the most complicated functionality you will need to employ either a programming language or a server side scripting. For instance, if you wanted to create a content form for your site then you might have to use a programming language. It would collect the input data and forward it to a database through email.

Blogging and such features like the contact forms and event calendars are examples of things that are rather easy to implement with a content management system (CMS) but they would be extremely complex to code without one. Most of the CMS platforms available today have made things totally simple for you. Therefore when you build a website you can easily do this by using the existing themes. You can also add the plug-ins that will give you the authority to add things like the contact forms and event calendars.

JavaScript and CSS Together

Combining JavaScript and CSS efficiently makes it possible to create extremely dynamic and highly interactive websites. It makes the performance of your site on the CMS more effortless as well. Remember, people visiting your website or blog do not have time to figure out how to use your site. This is unless it is the only site that is providing certain content that they are looking for. Even then, it is only a matter of time that others realize this and a website better performing than yours shows up.

JavaScript provides a means for dynamic user interaction like the checking of email address validity in the contact forms or whatever forms you have on your site. It is the feature which is responsible for the displaying of prompts like ‘did you really mean that?’ It may not be so reliable in terms of security because this is work for the web servers.

When combined with the CSS, JavaScript is the powerhouse behind those very dynamic web pages that change right before your eyes and now when the server sends back a new page. The problem is that JavaScript can be ridiculously tricky to handle. This is mainly because of the major differences that exist between the ways the different browser designers have decided to implement it. Still, developers of the web browsers are coming up with clever ways that make work for the website developer easier.

How does this help you?

Unless you are web developer this might not make much sense to you. Many are the bloggers and website owners who are struggling to learn about these features. As a blogger you should not be too bothered by these. Otherwise what you need to do is make sure that you get in touch experts in web development to make the work easier for you. There is no reason why you should struggle setting up your blog figuring out programming languages while you can be doing something more interesting.


There are so many programming languages that are used in web development. They include the likes of JavaScript and PHP but then they are not of use to everyone. Only web developers have to struggle with such features. CMS platforms have even made it less complicated for web developers to deal with them. Now creation of a website is more like taking a walk in the park. The only thing that you need to do is enjoy the benefits that are added to your site by these features.

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