25 Best PDF To Doc Converter Tools

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Best PDF To Doc Converter

Wondering how to convert a PDF to a word document? It can be really easy with a PDF to word document converter. We have compiled a list of the best software options to convert PDF to word document.

Today, with various applications and software e-Readers available in the market, one of the converters which are being increasingly is the best PDF to words such as RTF, DOCX, and DOC extensions. Here in this article, we will provide you information about different methods with which you can accomplish this task without any restrictions or watermarks which mars the pages. We are providing a critical overview of the software which offers true PDF to Word Tools online. There are two types of tools for users. Some are free desktop software tools while some are free online converters. Here, our focus is on the services which provide the highest quality. We tested more than 30 tools and have included 16 tools in this article. Among them, a few are desktop software and others are free online converter services.


A British company, Zamzar is dedicated to transforming various file formats such as audio, video, images, and documents for the users. This website provides a free online converter service to the users and is very user-friendly. The website converts more than 1200 file formats.

This online tool also has an easy to use PDF to word converter for free use.

PDF To Word

This online conversion service was founded by Nitro company, whose headquarter is based in San Francisco. The website specializes in converting pdf to word 90K as well as excel PowerPoint and others as per requirements. For using this website free, the user has to open a free account on the site. The company offers 14 days of free trial for any user to evaluate the service. With this service converting a PDF to a word document is very easy.

PDF Online

PDFonline is an online conversion service that provides various solutions such as the creation of documents, conversion, and extraction. It helps the online users to automate various manual processes and save time by converting pdf to word online 9K and increase productivity.

Free PDF Convert

This online conversion service is one of the most popular websites all over the world. The website helps to covert convert pdf to doc 3K, excel, PowerPoint, images, and email. After registration, you will get unlimited conversions of PDF files very fast. The user just has to upload the file and click the button.

PDF Burger

An online PDF converter, PDF Burger provides users worldwide a simple and easy process for converting the PDF files to others such as word, JPG, and others online free. This service has provided an innovative way to convert the files, convert pdf to word online 2K, and vice versa.

Convert Online Free

One of the popular and 100% free online PDF to Word conversion services, this is an online service. The user can convert pdf to word online 2K without registration. The online service offers various types of conversions including pdf to word, excel, or jpg. and vice versa.

PDF To Word Converter By Intestintech 

Investintech has a high-quality PDF to word converter that is offered for free personal use.  They also have an enterprise-level subscription option that can support desktop software that can conveniently convert the documents on your own computer. 

Convert PDF To Word

This website offers a free online service to convert pdf into word documents at a fast rate with online tools. In addition to that, the website also offers a window desktop software that can be downloaded by the user for free. The visitors just have to upload the file and click the button, convert, and download. In a few seconds, the file is converted and ready for download.


A simple, efficient, and fast PDF converter to DOC files, this software is capable of working on different OS platforms such as Windows, Open office, and others. Just download this free program from the above site and install it on your computer. The program uses text editors to convert pdf into word.

PDF 2 Doc

This online service to convert PDF files to word doc is very popular with people all over the world. It is very easy and takes a short time to finish the process. Just upload the file by browsing or drag and drop the file. After completion, you can click the button and download it directly on the desktop.

Online 2 PDF

One of the popular online services to convert pdf to word, this service also offers conversion to various types of formats such as word, excel, jpg, RTF, doc to PDF files. The service also offers to merge, edit or unlock PDF files in a quick and fast process. Just choose a particular service, upload the files and click the start button,

Cloud Convert

Cloud convert is a free online service that provides one of the most advanced PDF to word converters. The technology also preserves the table formatting and different layouts. Upload the file and the site converts as per customized instructions of the user.

Online OCR

This free online website uses the free OCR software for the process. You can convert 15 images per hour to PDF without any registration. With registration, convert unlimited PDF files to word documents. You don’t need to install OCR software on your computer for converting the files.

PDF Converter Elite

PDF Converter Elite software which has been offered by this website has the capability of converting PDF files to Publisher, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word formats. It also converts more than 300 formats to PDF files. The website offers a free online service to convert documents free as a 15-day trial.

Pdf To Word Converter

This company offers PDF to word converter software which can convert multiple files at one time. This software helps the user to convert PDF files to Word and RTF formats. The website also offers a free conversion service which is very fast.

Easy PDF Cloud

Easy PDF cloud is an online service that is free as well as offers various payment plans for the users. Additionally, it and offers an efficient and fast PDF to word converter. The service provides storage as well as automatic download service after the conversion process.

Document Online Convert

A versatile online conversion service, this service has free and premium subscription plans. After registration, the users can start the conversion of PDF files into a word file. The online service also helps to convert more than 200 formats which include ebooks, videos, images, and audio files.

PDF To Word

This website is the best online free tool for saving time, money, and converting PDF to Word. The function is easy and provides quality performance to do efficient work in converting PDF files in various other formats and provides support for PowerPoint and Excel files.


Unipdf is one of the free and popular software which is used to convert PDF files to the word as well as text files, images, and HTML files. Just download the 100% free software from the website and install it.

Doc 2 PDF

A free online document converter, this website is used for converting word files to PDF and vice versa. The user just needs to click a simple button, which uploads the file and saves it on the PC or emails it to the mail address which is filled in by the user


Convertii is the PDF to Word converter which has the capability to convert scanned PDF pages into Word documents, unlike other online tools. The website provides a free trial to the guests with a complete feature functionality. You can register using your social networking site logins of Twitter, Google, and Facebook.


A powerful pdf to word converter online 2K which also has the capability to edit documents and convert PDF files into word documents in just 3 clicks. It also includes graphical as well as text data. The website supports more than 20 languages from all over the world.

Online Soda PDF

This is a free online convert pdf to word 90K tool which is used by many users. All you have to do is upload the file and initiate the conversion process. After conversion, you can download it on your PC.


One of the leading software in the industry, Able2Extract is the best solution for pdf to word converter 27K which is available in the market as a free trial. Download it, use it, and then buy it. This software provides the best solution for users who need to convert images and text from PDF to word.

Nuance PDF

Nuance PDF can be defined as a cloud-based conversion service which helps you to convert PDF files into Excel and Word files. Without the installation of any software on your computer, you can convert a PDF file with OCR technology. It also offers a full-featured free trial service.


This website provides a free online conversion service that does a fast real-time conversion from PDF File to word format. The online service supports the file size which is up to 50 MB. No need to register or install any software on the computer. It is very safe to operate and is virus-free.

Form Swift PDF To Word Converter

This is an efficient PDF-to-Word Converter, which could help individuals expedite the process of converting PDFs to Word Docs at absolutely no cost.

Based on the feature set this PDF-to-Word Converter is more thorough, up to date, and user friendly than any other existing PDF-to-Word Converter available.

The demand for converters that seamlessly converts the PDF file format to word file format is increasing for personal or professional spheres of life, as an increasing amount of reliance is developing among people on electronic documents for e-commerce, personal use, or official work. In this article, we have listed an updated version of free online PDF to Word websites and software which are efficient, user friendly, and reliable.

I hope converting a PDF to a word document will become a simple task with these awesome tools. Don’t forget to share with us, how do you convert a PDF to a word document?

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