15 Best Free Open Source Android Apps to Enhance Web Developers Productivity

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Powerful Free Open Source Android Apps to Enhance Web Developers Productivity
Android Apps are essentially the software designed to increase the efficiency of handsets and get specific needs addressed. The apps enhance the efficiency of the mobile handsets and some handy and amazing features can be enabled on the mobile with the help of apps. If you are reading this article, you may already be convinced that developing for android platform is worth it. Here is a summary of the hand-picked Android apps for web developers to skyrocket their productivity:

  1. AIDE – Android Java IDE
  2. AIDE helps in developing Android programming on the handset. This app assists in coding the android apps on the phone and it can be compiled into an app for checking them on the handset as well. It is an amazing app which can be used anytime and anywhere.

  3. Subdroid
  4. Subdroid is useful in tracking the various versions of source files. The free download supports most of the operations and helps managing files more efficiently. The latest version of SVN helps make a local copy of repository without making a working SVN copy.

  5. ConnectBot
  6. ConnectBot is a freeware and is probably the best app for making SSH tunnels. The app is extremely fast and the critical keyboard issue that existed in the earlier versions has been addressed to make it better. Works excellent with the ConnectBot Keyboard.

  7. WebMaster’s HTML Editor Lite
  8. It’s the portable source code editor with some salient features. Although, a Save button to save files faster would have been more helpful. The Preview option should also be modified to make it better. Moreover, if the Find and Replace buttons are provided for this app, it would be much more user-friendly.

  9. AndFTP
  10. AndFTP is helpful in managing many FTP configurations. It has several features like download, upload, synchronization and resumes support. It provides options for remote file browsing and also has a local file browser. However, the larger icons would have been a better option along with a menu option.

  11. Android-VNC-Viewer
  12. Android-VNC-Viewer helps in viewing your computer from anywhere. It connects to several of the VNC servers and works excellent. The refresh option works a little slow though. However, it’s a good solution to view the computer through mobile handsets. This is an excellent app for viewing your computer from any place and can be used to send files of any form to the computer as well.

  13. PicsArt – Photo Studio
  14. It’s the best app for those who are interested in photography as this free app facilitates creativity on the mobile. PicsArt – Photo Studio truly makes photo editing easier and enjoyable on your mobile. It also provides various options to make the photo artistic.

  15. Mockups Lite for Android
  16. The app helps in quickly designing the wireframes for websites. It is also handy in experimenting with concepts and drawing visual prototypes. The app assists in creating interactive wireframes which can be shared with others. Mockups Lite, however, is more suitable for tablets than mobile phones.

  17. Logcat
  18. The app facilitates the collection and viewing of system debug output. The logs from different applications are gathered in a series of circular buffers. This can be filtered or viewed using Logcat. Logcat can be used to view log messages from an ADB Shell as well.

  19. Magic Color Picker
  20. Magic Color Picker is the appropriate tool for anybody interested in designing. It provides color picking options with color models and is one of the best apps for designing and coloring options. It also enables the selection of color using sliders. The colors are displayed either in hex or decimal, which is very convenient.

  21. ASTRO File Manager/Browser
  22. It’s the app which organizes the files. Browsing and organizing are easy with this app. It’s also an ideal app for music; photo and video geeks as organizing them is much easier with this app. It has an excellent rating given by users, suggesting it to be a fine app for managing files. The only flaw in this application is the advertisements which keep popping up.

  23. Bookmark Tree Manager
  24. This app can be used to manage your bookmarks on the android phone. This allows you to organize your browser bookmarks into folders.

  25. Speed
  26. This is a simple connection and network speed testing app on your android device.

  27. Devcheats
  28. This is an awesome handy cheat sheet application for Android. This can be really useful if you have a tablet. This app contains cheat sheets on various topics and languages including python, ruby on rails, PHP, Jquery, CSS, SEO, apache, regular expressions, svn, bash, c++, Drupal, gcc, gdb, html5, javascript, microformats, MySQL, PostgreSQL, UNIX, WordPress

  29. Zipper
  30. The zipper is a file managing application on Android. This app helps in managing the files in any way you want, just like on a PC. Zipping, unzipping, copying, moving, pasting and a host of other features are available when you have this app. It is a good app for managing data on an SD card and helps in accessing zipped text easily.

These free apps are useful not only for web developers but any software developer. They enable the users to be on the move, as these apps can be accessed on the mobile phone and therefore can be carried wherever the person goes.


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