4 Best HTML5 Books For Beginners to Learn Web Design (+4 Free eBooks)

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Best HTML5 Books For Beginners

The software and code practices used for web application development are getting sophisticated and it is almost replacing the desktop applications. HTML5 is the document which is transmitted in text/ HTML MIME type, and it is processed by web browsers. The version 5 of HTML is called HTML5. The latest version of HTML has many advantages over previous versions. It supports audio and video playback without the use of plug-ins. The code of HTML5 requires new structural elements for creating the page template as compared to traditional ‘div’ tags. It provides a better and clearer code to developers and engineers. The new features of the code also provide local data storage and the data can be accessed through web applications. The access can even be disconnected in a short time period. The development cost of introducing the new elements allows the developers to enhance interoperability while handling the elements. Ultimately, it helps in saving cost and time of the developer. The new features of HTML also provide great support for mobile devices. New form elements have been added to the overall structure to ensure the information entered through the form elements is accurate and valid. The speed of loading the form has also been improved in the new version.

The new feature of HTML5 promotes easy, cost-effective and efficient coding practices. It provides benefits from developmental as well as end-user perspective. These new features of
HTML5 is revolutionizing the web and offering easy encoding environment to developers. Some of the most recommended HTML5 learning resources for front-end engineers/ developers are as follows:

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  1. HTML5: Up and Running
  2. HTML5: Up and Running The book provides encoding information related to audio and video integration to web pages. It points to the use of Modernizr JavaScript library for detecting HTML5 features, which are supported in the user browser. The book explains the tags and how HTML5 works on Mozilla, Opera, Safari and Chrome; furthermore, how the new version of HTML interacts effectively with JavaScript and iPhone applications is explained. The book offers useful information related to the use of canvas and local data storage also. It is a great help for new and experienced HTML5 developers.

  3. Head First HTML5 Programming
  4. Head First HTML5 Programming The initial chapters provide huge information on JavaScript, which involves the introduction of the use of DOM through JavaScript. It provides a great deal of information on the use of canvas, web workers, web storage, video, and geo-location. There are numerous examples, pictures, puzzles, diagrams, and games to explain the strategies. In a nutshell, the book provides clear pictures, illustrations, concepts and is ideally suited for beginners.

  5. HTML5 for Masterminds
  6. HTML5 for Masterminds The book provides information related to the basic HTML5 basic elements, where the second and third chapters are on CSS and CSS3. The fourth chapter is on JavaScript. The book provides vast information, quick references are provided at the end of each chapter too. The book offers a primary source of information related to form elements such as drag and drop, canvas, audio and video elements, which are needed for web development. Additionally, the book can be used to make use of internet capabilities and application to find new possibilities to work on the web.

  7. Introducing HTML 5
  8. The book provides information related to new semantics for improving the code of a website and making effective use of JavaScript APIs. It provides guidance related to new elements of HTML5 and also introduces code to make use of audio and video elements. Information related to data storage, canvas, drag & drop, offline business and geo-location, messaging, worker threads and also how to patch with old browsers has been provided. Both basic and high-level HTML5 concepts are explained in the book. The book is a well written and entertaining source of information as well.

    +4 Bonus Free HTML5 eBooks

  9. HTML5 for publishers (Free Kindle Edition)
  10. The e-book provides text and graphics related codes. It provides examples to make use of canvas, audio, video, and geo-location. It provides demos and graphics calculator through the use of canvas. It gives explanations related to fingering painting application for drawing pictures and also a demo on how to customize the information and allow readers to know the current location. Embedded video and audio enabled glossary is also provided. The explanation and the examples given in the book are clear and the author allows certain code to be reused without permission.

  11. Dive Into HTML5
  12. This is a free online comprehensive tutorial of some common, selected HTML5 features and other related standards.

  13. HTML Dog
  14. HTML Dog is a nice website containing HTML5 and CSS related tutorials, example code, and articles.

  15. Building Android Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  16. This is a really good book for you in case you are looking for developing simple Android Apps using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

With the growing competition in web designing, web designers and engineers require features which can improve the capability of a website without much effort and at a low cost. Overall, HTML5 and CSS3 together offer the facilities that can be used by the web developers to increase their skills.


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