The Basic Guide to Your SAP Certification: Preparation for Exam HANATEC-17

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The best cloud business software company is SAP. The SAP certification is regarded as a tailored and flexible program for partner employees, independent consultants, client employees, SAP employees. SAP certification is the one thing that can boost your career. To demonstrate and reveal your true potential and ability, the certifications are regarded foremost and important entity. To get real success, qualification, certification, and experience are through the SAP certification. Already certified with SAP certification, the individuals strengthen their careers. This exam lets you verify yourself in the field of expertise in profile consultant and apply the knowledge in the practical field. If you are one who wants to be C_HANATEC_17 consultant, then here you can seek guidance.

In this article, I have gathered up all the necessary information required to attempt SAP C_HANATEC_17 and get your-self equipped with SAP certification.

How Many Levels of SAP Certification are There?

Before going into any further details, let us first discuss the three levels of certification as follows:

Associate Level Certification

With a very basic level of Certification, this is for the ones who want to continue their career in the IT field. With this exam, individuals can develop all the knowledge of SAP, ERP applications, and HANA business objects.

Professional Level Certification

The professional level exam is for those individuals who have general knowledge in SAP and then you want to seek experience in SAP implementation and understanding ERP software.

Master Level Certification

The candidates demonstrate SAP methods on a broad horizon. SAP certification reveals their expertise in the field of rigorous, practical, and formal methodology.

Out of the above-mentioned three, C_HANATEC_17 Certification is commonly Associate Level Certification.

What is C_HANATEC_17 Certification?

The SAP Certified Technology Associate Certification has an exam code C_HANATEC_17. The name of the exam is SAP Certified Technology Associate-SAP HANA 2.0 SPS05. The total number of questions in this exam is 80 questions. You need to get 61% marks to pass this associate-level exam. You will get 180 minutes or three hours to solve this exam. You can take this exam to make your career an excellent one.

Who can attempt C_HANATEC_17 Certification?

To make it clear for you, the following individuals can attempt C_HANATEC_17 Certification:

  • System administrator
  • Hardware cloud administrator
  • Software Cloud Manager
  • Application Associate
  • Application Manager

What are the exam topics for C_HANATEC_17 Certification?

The exam topics for C_HANATEC_17 Certification are another major concern for the candidates who want to attempt the exam. In this section, I have briefly discussed the following exam concerned topics:

  • SAP HANA installation, updating, and configuration
  • SAP HANA Database Administration
  • SAP HANA High availability
  • SAP HANA disaster recovery
  • SAP HANA architecture
  • SAP HANA deployment options
  • SAP HANA Backup
  • SAP HANA recovery
  • SAP HANA database security
  • SAP HANA Monitoring
  • SAP HANA troubleshooting

What are the skills gained through C_HANATEC_17 Certification?

The skills gained through C_HANATEC_17 Certification are as follows:

  • How to perform installation and configuration of SAP HANA 2.0 database systems.
  • How to administer and install LR SAP HANA
  • How to perform daily database tasks of SAP HANA
  • How to install and configure replicate database configurations
  • How to execute SAP HANA database security functions
  • How to analyze the database migrations
  • How to tackle the troubleshoot problems
  • How to do analyze the database by using cock-pit tools
  • How to set up SAP HANA audit policies
  • How to create database security users
  • How did I score 67.5% in SAP _HANATEC_17 Certification?

The purpose of writing this article is to share my experience with you that how I prepared myself for this exam. Not only did I attempt this exam rather, but I also aced it with 67.5% marks. This exam prepared my knowledge in the field of SAC for the further professional exam which made me earn the best salary ever. So, this certification acted as a base for my bright career. I searched for information online and went through many websites. Trust you me, there are numerous online forums available for you to get yourself ready for this exam. I found one best among them, dumpstool.com; this forum helped me through following five different ways:

Selection of the Question Types

The format of answer questions on this website was multiple-choice questions. The format was like the real exam it helped me through the exam preparation because it let me know about the design and format of the exam questions. The database of questions on this website was designed specifically by the SAP HANA experts.

Setting Up My Desired Pass Percentage

Unlike other formats, this website allowed me to set the desired percentage as my goal. I set up my goal as 63%. I gave so many practice tests; the forum let me self-evaluate myself. I knew perfectly that how much away I was from my goal. I set up 63% because I knew that if I get 63% here, I would be able to achieve 61% in the real test.

Allocating Exactly the Same Time

The next most important thing is allocated time. I allocated exactly the same 180 minutes to go through the practice tests. At first, I was not able to attempt all the questions. Later on, I was good at attempting the exam in the allocated time.

Creation of Multiple Exam Dumps

I registered there and went through almost 56 C_HANATEC_17 exam dumps questions. It saved my data and my improvement with the passage of time. Later on, I was able to cross-check myself for the examination. It made me make up my mind if I was confident enough to sit in the real exam or not.

Interaction with the certified professional experts

There were over 90,000 experts working over the successful career of candidates like me. I was there to seek advice from these experts. Their tips let me go through my SAP _HANATEC_17 Certification with 67.5%.

To conclude, the SAP _HANATEC_17 Certification is an associate-level exam that is an easy nut to crack. The examination covers all the related concepts to the HANA tech database. It let you be certified for professional-level exams. This nut was much easier for me to crack because of a trustworthy and reliable platform. You can also get yourself prepared for the SAP _HANATEC_17 Certification.

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