Crypto Themes in 2022? Which One to Go Hot, Some Hints

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Crypto Themes in 2022? Which One to Go Hot, Some Hints
2021 proved to be a mighty year for coins like BTC and even other digital currency-based assets. We have seen a good growth of various digital coins and other assets related to Bitcoin and other coins. It has further soared the command of digital coins-based themes in the digital currency investment-based market. Themes have significant roles to play when we talk about investing in this domain in the market. 
As per several industry-based experts, the New Year will be a bit for Bitcoin and the digital coin space, including tokens and the factors like utility, relevance, and some fundamental basics that would further attract many more investors. Some trade pundits believe that 2022 will prove the year of filtration in the digital currency domain as far as tokens and other similar things are concerned. You can further explore this subject on sites like Here, we can get an overview of this topic. How about checking them as under:

2021 – The Year That was for Digital Coin

Looking back in the previous year of 21, we have seen a good buzz around the digital currency market, particularly at the global level. In 2021, we saw the sudden rise of the tokens, often called NFTs, apart from other things like ICOs and meme coins. 

A good amount of buzz is seen around Metaverse that would come along at the end of 21 since Facebook has changed a lot in the digitization of several aspects that further made it a top-list fashion. As per reports, NFT in 2021 was sold at the cost of around 65 M USD, and at the same time, its rival product too was sold at a whopping cost of around 100 M USD. This has emerged as a special kind of digital asset. Several experts from the Crypto Hedge fund were coming along with these assets. These include Metaverse along with NFT and Gaming.

We have seen a good number of tokens along with the required themes moving around the world and are gaining good popularity that peaked in the previous year-end. We have seen several stocks going upside down, and one can find too many more things coming under the garb of these assets. We see how these factors play an essential role in moving ahead with the stock market and the value vs cost face-off. Also, several modern-based traders are seen betting over several technology trends that are seen coming along with the stock fundamentals.

The Themes

Several themes have become part and parcel of the crypto game in the recent past. We can find ETH Killers to be the top and most popular theme. This theme comes along with several tokens, including Polka Dot, Cardano, and Solana, to name a few. It has helped offer you some good returns and even failed the option of dethroning even the second-biggest digital coins. As per many Blockchain experts, ETH can be counted among the real utility options

We see Blockchain supporting too many intelligent contracts, which has come up with too many applications, they believe. One of the leading men in the Blockchain world in India, R J Kapoor, feels bullish regarding ETH. He further said it could supersede BTC in terms of many factors and thus emerge among the top and costly kinds of digital coins in 2022.

The next theme that remains worthy of discussing here is Metaverse. It is regarded as one of the super-strong kinds of themes owing to several conventional technology giants that seemed to go a long way. We see several changes, like the name change coming from Facebook. 

Moreover, it seemed to have followed the sudden and substantial rise of digital currency-based gaming that remains too worthy of checking. However, in the current ongoing year, we can see an added number of companies and businesses accepting digital coins, including BTC as their legal tender. These have remained viable along with the core value of digital coins that can keep increasing in no time.

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