5 Ways to Become a Tech-Savvy Entrepreneur

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5 Ways to Become a Tech-Savvy Entrepreneur

It is a reality that we live in a tech-inclined society nowadays. Moreover, it does not take an information technology or an engineering degree to be a step closer to being a tech-savvy business leader. With the limitless resources online and our heavy reliance on gadgets, apps, and software, it is a non-negotiable not to acquire new learnings and skillsets.

Technology is moving at a fast pace, and it is ever-evolving. Entrepreneurs must keep with the times by being dynamic. Whether attending a webinar or scaling the brick-and-mortar operations to an e-commerce platform, now is the time to transition into a tech-savvy entrepreneur. Here are the ways.

Assessment of Needs, Level, and Skillsets

The willingness to take the first step is accepting that you want to learn, and there are things to know. After this, identify knowledge levels and weak points you would like to strengthen and improve. Case in point, you would want to venture into programming because you can develop apps for your business. Typically, building your website is a project usually undertaken. Therefore, knowledge and the technical know-how of website design and development are essential to collaboration with developers, scaling the business, and improving your interface.

Identify Key Points and Creates a Training Plan

Never take a rapid approach. Instead, create a draft integrating a realistic timeline by segmenting the learning process and making actionable and timebound steps for each. Below are sample steps to follow.

  • Read on resource materials like books, journals, and credible blog posts
  • Zero in on topics of interest and research further
  • Seek subject matter experts for assistance
  • Attend webinars, short courses, and tutorials
  • Integrate practical applications into your business model and processes

The process of segmentation is a helpful way to adhere to your training plan and calendar. Additionally, user cases can be applied in real life. Usually, app development would require programming language tutorials. Select a language applicable to your industry.

Be Interactive and Join a Community

There are thousands of tech-related communities online that you can join. These are filled with like-minded individuals, business professionals, engineers, and IT techs to help you in your education and development journey. StackExchange and Quora are forums that are good and beginner-friendly online resources. Video calls and in-person meetups are excellent avenues for learning as well.

Take Coding Classes

In this day and age, coding is vastly available and accessible online. Most importantly, classes are for free, with various tools, methods, and programming languages to choose from.


Validation and evaluation are vital elements of any learning process. Similar to short courses, there are hundreds of practice tests and applications available. Fortunately, some instructors conduct application training. Several platforms are also offering free trials like WordPress and Shopify for e-commerce shop creation. Never skip this process because this is a good gauge of learnings and areas for improvement.

Continuous Learning

With the constant surge of technological developments, what you know now can easily be obsolete in the months to come. With this, never stop learning and continuously hone your newfound skill.

In training and acquiring a new skill set, whether programming, AI-driven tools like chatbots and data annotation, and designing, it is possible to go the self-education route. As an entrepreneur seeking continuous growth, being tech-savvy is essential to your biz’s web design, digital marketing, and content creation. All in all, it is a worthwhile learning experience.

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