Top 6 Ways to Catch a Cheater

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Top 6 Ways to Catch a Cheater

Although the definition of relationships continues to become more flexible with time, cheating your partner still is considered taboo and the primary reason for break-up in a relationship. It is said that the other partner is always last to know about the cheating partner. 

However, there are many ways a partner can discover or catch a cheater. The first step here is to observe the common signs, such as a considerable change in behaviour. The next step is to substantiate these suspicions by gathering evidence. Fortunately, it has become easier to catch a cheater red-handed due to some smart technologies which you can utilize in your endeavour to catch a cheater.

Spy on Their Phone

The simple way when you want to catch a cheater is to spy on their phone. The first step here is to observe their behaviour with the phone at home. Are they are protective of their phone around you? Do they take it wherever they go in your home? Do they keep the phone face down or out of sight? 

Does the phone have a privacy screen? Do they activate the “Do Not Disturb” function when they are in your company? Do they take the phone outside or out of sight for calls or messages? If the answer to all these is yes, your partner has something to hide.

Use Phone Location

After you start suspecting your partner after observation, the next step you can take without going to a private investigator is to track the location history of your partner when he or she is outside home if they use Google features on their smartphones. For that purpose, you need to visit their Google account. Here, you can check the ‘Previous Destinations’ menu feature on its navigation system. 

You can also check the Google Timeline feature in Google Maps app on Android phones. If they travel frequently, you can also type “Find My Phone” in the search bar and find the current location. You can also track the phone through Google maps online. All you need to do is to activate the relevant service on the phone. You can check locations frequently visited by your partner over some time. You can also insert apps such as Spy Phone to keep track.

Check Cloud Streams for Deleted Photos

One possible source to catch a cheater and liar is to check cloud streams for deleted photos. If you suspect that your partner is getting images and messages from his or her love interest, the first way is to check the computer. 

However, if messages and images are not on the computer, you can check deleted images folder in the cloud stream. Some common Cloud storage includes Amazon Prime, Google Drive, and iCloud. If you need to check software such as Hide It Pro and Keepsafe Photo Vault for messages and images, it may indicate that he or she has something to hide.

Inspect Their Social Media Account Carefully

Social media remains the best way to connect with people and also have an intimate affair. While you are searching the social media account of your partner, you need to check their wall. You need to check if they tag a specific person through memes, comment on the post, and heart them. 

These activities point towards an intimate connection between both of them. Also, you need to check Facebook Messenger and check the secret conversations. You may find incriminating evidence here if they do not delete these conversations.

Check The Garbage

Although you can use all new technologies to investigate whether your partner is cheating you, an effective old-fashioned method is to check the garbage before its disposal. It is because this is still one of the best methods to investigate whether your partner is cheating on you. Some examples of material you can get as evidence include receipts of jewellery you have not received and bills for a couple of places you have not visited with your partner, among others.

Use A Hidden Camera

If everything fails, the best way to catch a cheating partner is to use a hidden camera in a place where they spend their time alone. To accomplish this purpose, you should place a hidden camera or spy-cam to record their activities during that time.


The knowledge that your partner is cheating you is bad enough. However, the situation becomes unbearable when you are the last person to know about it. So, the best way to deal with this issue at an early stage is to observe the behaviour and take the above steps to catch your partner if he or she is cheating on you.

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