How Much Does Mobile App Development Cost – iOS Vs Android

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How Much Does Mobile App Development Cost - iOS Vs Android

These days there’s an app for just about everything you can imagine, from ordering coffee on the run to finding a date, budgeting, meditation, motivation and so much more. If you’re thinking of developing an app for your company, it could be a smart choice that accelerates your business.

The number of mobile users today vastly outnumbers desktop users. According to Forbes, the majority of people’s online presence (87%) is spent on mobile applications. This means that an app often represents a better investment than that of a website when it comes to marketing to and engaging clients. Mobile apps are preferable to mobile websites, as they are tailored to be user-friendly and more intuitive.

So how much does mobile app development cost, and does it differ between IOS and Android? Let’s find out. Also, read more about mobile app development costs in the Ramotion blog.

What Does It Cost to Develop an App?

The truth is the cost to develop an app varies greatly. If you plan on engaging a professional developer, the price can range anywhere from $20,000 to $250,000 for an app on a single platform (iOS or Android). You may also wish to discuss the development of a hybrid app that can cater to users on both platforms, though costs for this will also be higher than a single platform.

There is so much that goes into developing an app, and the specifics required for your app will determine your costs rather than which platform it is on. The simpler the app and the less time and skill needed to develop it, the cheaper it will be. However, if you want a cutting-edge app that stands out from the competition, expect it to come with a higher price tag.

What Variables Influence the Price?

Regardless of whether you choose to develop an iPhone or Android app, the same factors will be used to determine your costs. Usually Android is cheaper to develop purely for the reason that they have a lower barrier for entry (fewer requirements for approval onto the app platform).

Vendor Location

The location of your developer will greatly influence the rate you will be charged for development. Outsourcing overseas to Asia or India may save you in hourly charges, but keep in mind that it may also create difficulties in lining up time zones to relay ideas or changes. Using The App Team’s app developers in Melbourne – makes this easier, and a local team can better understand your Australian client base.


It’s estimated that a simple app (eg. calculators, QR scanners, directories) takes around four to ten weeks to develop, while a complex one (e.g. social apps, high-security and ride-sharing apps) could take up to 26 weeks (that’s half a year’s work!). Keep this in mind when evaluating costs, as obviously this time must be fairly compensated for.


Are you after just the basics, or do you want to really wow your customers? The more features you add, the more complex your app becomes, and the more hours will be spent developing it. You may also require highly skilled and experienced developers to achieve your desired outcome.


iOS or Android—will you be opting for one over the other, or both? The two are not interchangeable of course, so you should ideally budget for the development of both. If you’re hoping for your app to earn you income, iOS users are more likely to pay for an app than Android users. This means that if you cannot afford the outlay for both platforms to start, iOS may need to be your priority.

Cost of Maintenance

Just like a website, apps require ongoing maintenance and updates. This is particularly true for apps where the automatic phone software updates could render your app unusable. A great developer will outline costs for ongoing upkeep at the time you negotiate the app’s development so you can plan ahead.

Can I Develop an App Myself?

How Much Does Mobile App Development Cost - iOS Vs Android

Yes and no. You can certainly try, and there are avenues available for you to create simple apps yourself. However, app building is a specialized field and takes years to master and understand. For most business owners this means their time would be better spent focusing on other aspects of running the company, and engaging the help of experts for apps.

For exceptional iPhone app development in Melbourne or Android app development in Melbourne (and Australia wide), The App Team should be your first call. With years of combined experience in software and mobile app development, you can trust us to deliver your business an outstanding app with quality aftercare.

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