Ways to Choose the Right Game Development Platform

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Ways to Choose the Right Game Development Platform

A game development platform is a platform that exists to create and release video games. Game engines have several visual development tools built into the suite as well as reusable software components. This means the terms game engine and game development platform can be interchangeable. But how do you choose the right game development platform for your project? Here are a few ways to choose the right game development platform for your new game?

Consider What Devices It Will Run On

All games run on some sort of device. But unlike conventional apps, there are far more options than Android and Apple iOS. For example, you might want to create a game that runs on Microsoft Windows or gaming systems like Nintendo or the PlayStation. If you’re creating a game to run on a single device, you can optimize its performance and market it to that user community. However, you will have to go to a lot of effort to recreate the game on another platform if you decide to expand the potential customer base. The solution to this problem is cross-platform game development

With cross-platform game development, you’ll get a game that runs on every mobile device, be it a tablet running iOS or an Android smartphone. Create the code once and export a game that runs on almost everything. This is ideal for launching new games designed for mobile devices. It may or may not allow the game to run on PCs, though around two-thirds of developers say their games will run on that. But you’ll have something with far better monetization opportunities than a game that runs on a gaming console.

Look at What the Competition Is Doing

One of the simplest ways to create a successful product is to copy what works and add your own unique twist. For example, you may be competing with multiplayer shooting games that are played online. You should find out what game development platforms they used to create a game that runs smoothly online. If you’re creating game apps, then there is a much wider range of options, but you may want to find the best no-code game creation app used to create successful rivals. After all, the existing products doing well in the market prove that the monetization methods and delivery methods work.

Use What Your Developers Want to Use

Are you hiring developers to create the game? You might want to let them choose the game development platform, assuming it works on the devices your target market plays on. They might use proprietary software or open-source. If they use the game development platform or game engine, they’re familiar with, they’ll get the job done faster. That can lower the development costs, assuming there aren’t steep charges for using closed-source game engines.

Know that closed-source game development can make it much harder to fix bugs later one, so plan on extra software testing and infrequent updates. Open-source projects may let you identify and fix bugs faster, though your developers may make portions of the code public in the process. The documentation and support for open-source tools depend on the tool they use, so don’t assume you or an amateur developer can rely on a network of volunteers to get a great game out. If you don’t know how to code, no-code game development interfaces are probably your best choice. 

You’ll be competing with a lot of cookie-cutter games created with the same game engine, but you’re not trying to learn an infinitely customizable game development system with limited documentation and no support.

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