What can a Google AdWords management company bring to your firm?

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What can a Google AdWords management company bring to your firm?

When making the choice of whether to hire an AdWords management company, ask yourself which other tasks you would be happy to try to do in-house. When doing so, consider how much you know about setting up and running Google AdWords campaigns and whether it is feasible to do it without outside help.

Do not make the mistake of confusing your own knowledge of Google with advanced knowledge of Ads campaigns. Technical expertise is required, in addition to the time required for running the campaigns.

Well-run campaigns are known to generate clicks, leads, and sales conversions. You will also get the best possible value from your campaigns because no money will be wasted on poor keywords.

What Difference Can a Skilled AdWords Consultant Make?

Many businesses could grow their revenue by focusing on search engine advertising (SEA). With millions of Google users in the US alone, researching the keywords people are looking for is vital to the success of your ads.

A skilled AdWords consultant will bring a lot of value to your firm. This will start with identifying the key products or services you want to promote. Turning your regular sales collateral into SEA-optimized headers and the copy is the first step to success.

Creating optimized landing pages is also an essential ingredient. Once a prospect has clicked your ad, that click costs you money no matter what happens next. So enticing your prospect when they land on your pages is vital to not wasting good money.

Your consultant will advise on strong calls to action, and work with you to figure out ways to make your Ads pay.

Getting the Details Right

Anyone can create AdWords campaigns. Google’s management dashboard is reasonably straightforward to use, and you can set budgets accordingly. That part is not in question.

The difficult part is optimizing your keywords to match what people are looking for. One small mistake with a keyword can mean one of two things. Attracting the wrong type of click can mean wasted dollars for people with no interest in your products. Or missing out on the right type of prospect may mean your competitors are scooping up leads that could otherwise be yours. Ensuring your keywords are perfectly set up and aligned takes time and skill.


Your ad copy and headlines also need to be pristine. You need to combine keyword use in a very short space and grab the reader’s attention. While this may sound simple, it takes practice and a lot of measuring and refining.

Ongoing TLC is required for AdWords campaigns to function well. There are no corners that can be cut. Small tweaks here and there can make the world of difference to the leads you obtain and the efficiency of your budget.

Taking the Plunge

“Giving it a go” may be a strategy for many small businesses. After all, budgets are tight and it can be easy to think that doing Google Ads in-house will keep every cent of that to one side for the campaigns themselves.

But the finer details are likely to catch you out. Hiring a professional Google AdWords consultant can help you navigate every aspect of the program such as landing pages, price per click, headlines, ad copy, and reporting.

It is eminently possible to familiarize yourself with some of these things. After all, a simple Google search will give you a vast number of guidance articles on going it alone. All this does not factor in the time and focuses aspects of running AdWords. In addition to this, you need to consider that you will need time to focus on following up on your fresh new leads if your campaigns are successful.

Getting More Technical

You also need to bear in mind that there are hidden aspects to Google AdWords campaigns that are difficult to stay up to date with. One of these is the ‘Google quality score’ (QS). This affects the score of your ads, and subsequently how they rank against others with the same keywords.

The Google QS works based on the quality of your Ads. Simply put, the higher the quality, the more chance your ads have of greater prominence in search listings.

The technical points do not stop there. Landing pages are vitally important to ensuring a positive outcome once a prospect has arrived on your site. Be clear to them what you are offering, and how they go about taking the next step to buy, try or see the product in action.

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